Characters in Cocaine Blues

In order of appearance:
Madame St Clair, Wife of the Ambassador - who jewel necklace is stolen at dinner
Phryne Fisher - our protagonist
Colonel Harper - Lydia's father who hires Phryne to investigate his daughters illness
Hon. Robert (Bobby) Matthews - cricketer, necklace thief and con man
Phyrne's Father and Mother
The Gardeners boy - who placed the ladder from Phryne to retrieve the necklace
Mrs Harper - The Colonels wife
Dr Elizabeth MacMillian - Female Doctor, travel companion and friend of Phrynes
Cec and Burt - Cabbies, Red raggers and associates of Phryne
Alice Greenham - the victim of a illegal abortion that Cec and Burt picked up in their cab
Dorothy Bryant (Dot) -Phryne's maid and companion. Met when Phryne took revenge on behalf of Dot. Neat, tidy, kind, Catholic and shrewd.
The Son of Dot's ex-employer - humiliated by Phryne as revenge for harassing Dot
Sister Simmonds - a worker at the hospital with Dr Mac
Mrs Browning - Cec's landlady
Detective Inspector Jack Robinson - Intelligent officer, obscurely worried by Phryne's methods. An unremarkable man with a hard-to-remember face which has stood him in good stead over the years.
Butcher George (George Fletcher) - back street abortionist and criminal
Mary Elizabeth Allen and Lillian Marchent (Gay Lil) - Butcher George's victims
Phryne's sister (not named) - who died of diphtheria and starvation
Mr Robert Sanderson MP of Toorak - who Phryne meets in chuch
Mrs Jones - owner of the cafe where Phryne and Dr Mac have lunch
Melanie Cryer -
Muriel Miller - Dot's friend who works at the pickle factory and may have an address
Mr Miller - Muriel's Dad, owner of the sweet shop Dot phones to track down Muriel
Madame Olga - boutique owner who sells Phryne an amazing Erte dress
Old Ted - the doorman at the Windsor
The Princesse de Grasse - The Princesse Barazynovska who changed her name to De Grasse after the perfume producing area of France
Elli De Lisse - premier danseuse of the Compagnie des Ballets
Sasha De Lisse - premier danseur of the Compagnie des Ballets
Lydia Andrews - suspected poison victim who turns out to be the King of Snow
John Andrews - Lydia's husband
Georges Santin - gigolo and friend of Phryne's in Paris who taught her to dance the tango
Madame Breda - owner of the Turkish Bath
Alan Carroll - a dinner party guest
Thug one and Thug two - who turn out to be the Gentleman Jim and Cokey Billings two henchmen of the King of Snow
Gerda - Madame Breda's cousin who worked as a maid at the bath house
Ariadne - the thin one, friend of Lydia
Beatrice - the fat one, friend of Lydia
Miss May Cunliffe - winner of the 1924 Cairo road race who taught Phryne to drive
Senior Constable Ellis - the corrupt policeman who comes to search Phryne's room
WPC Jones - Woman Police officer who posed as a girl in trouble to catch Butcher George
Mr Smythe - Windsor Hotel Manager?
Old Mother James' - owner of the 'cafe' next door to 79 Little Lon St
Maureen – Lydia Andrew's Irish house maid
Brigit – Maureen's Sister and Lydia Andrew's personal maid
Mr Turner - Independent MP
Mr Jackson - Labor MP
Mr Berry - Conservative MP
The Bull - another thug and henchman of the King of Snow
Detective Constable Malleson - one of the policemen that came to rescue Phryne and Sasha

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