Locations in Cocaine Blues

The following list is all the locations visited (or mentioned) in Cocaine Blues:
Flagstaff gardens – where butcher george dumped his victim
The Windsor - the hotel Phryne stays at when she gets to Melbourne
Victoria Markets
The Orient - the ships Phyrne travels to Melbourne on
Government House, Melbourne
The Athenauem Club
Royal Archade
The Block Archade
Collins House
The Menzies
Scotts Hotel
Elevator House – Salvation Army
Queen Victoria Hospital - Where Dr Mac works
Rive Gauche, Paris
Collins St – up the hill – Theosophical building – theatre – 2 churches – couturiers -Phrynes journey to her hotel
Presbyterian church – the Manse - baptist church – the regent theatre - Tivoli theatre (where Sasha is performing) - Town Hall eves - Swanson street - Phyrne's walking route
Lonsdale street – queen street – Market street - exhibition street – collins street – mint place - Berts route to take Alice to hospital
Russell Street police station
Swanson Street Cathedral
The Melbourne club – Phryne wants Robert Sanderson MP to take her to dinner there 
Pickle factory in Fitzroy – where Dots friend works
Madame Olgas – Collins St
Elizabeth Arden Beauty Parlour – Collins St
Toorook Rd – Paradise St, Soho – Place Pigalle -Phryne's walk home from the Cryer's party
79 Little Lonsdale St - The chemist dealing pink powders
Dynon road heading west – tea gardens - Where Phryne, Dot, Cec and Bert have a picnic
The Melba Gala - (not really a place more an event) The Gala in honor of Dame Nellie Melba

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