Phryne's Outfits in Cocaine Blues

The Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries book go into real detail about the outfits that Phryne wears. This gives a real insight into the fashions of the era. Here are the outfits mentioned in Cocaine Blues:

Diamante garters - which Phryne reveals when rescuing the diamond necklace from the chandelier

Oriental pattern green and gold lounging robe - Phryne's robe she wears on the ship

Chanel beige knitted silk suit and a bright red wool coat - an outfit Phryne considers for disembarking the Orient but rejects in favour of the one below
Sailor suit with white piping pique collar, drop waisted pleated skirt, dark blue leather shoes with Louis heal, dark blue cloche - Phryne's outfit of choice for disembarking the Orient

Pale straw colour cotton and straw hat, silk scarf of green, lemon and sea blue – Phryne wears this to breakfast in hotel

Peacock blue gown by Patou, sea green cloak, fillet in hair - Phryne's outfit to dinner at the hotel

Trousers, silk pullover, stout shoes, soft felt hat, reefer jacket with pleats with pockets - Phryne's outfit for going out walking 

Doeskin gloves and black diamante barrett – Phryne's shopping

Dark blue silk suit with princess collar, black cloche, sapphire earrings – the outfit Phryne wears to the cathedral 
The first picture is how the dress is protrayed in the TV series but I always imagined it more like the second picture
Deep claret satin dress edged in dark mink, strings of black beads, train, sleeves like imperial chinese robe – by Erte worn with glace kid shoes, a black evening cape of silk pile velvet - Phrynes outfit for the Cryer's soiree

linen suit dark brown loose cut coat - Phryne's outfit to Lydia's luncheon

Severe black trousers, white shirt and black jacket – turkish bath outfit

Sage trousers – worn when driving 

Paynes baby bottom pink fugi cotton, fringe bag, near kid boots - Phryne's 'prostitute' costume

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  1. Oh... sounds so wonderful... I think I might have to read the books too :-D
    BTW, "sleeves like imperial Chinese robe" are like the one's on the cover of "Fashion drawings and illustrations from Harper's Bazar by Erte", long, tight and with a cuff that covers the hands. But that dress is about 10 years too old, and I assume Miss Fisher wouldn't have been caught dead in old-fashioned dresses :-D
    But nobody had long sleeves on an evening gown late 20s... so the description confuses me a little. Maybe your idea is better :-D