Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Season 2 Episodes 3-6 - Sneak Peak

The ABC has released episode titles for episode 3 -6 of season 2 of Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries:

Episode 3 - Dead Man's Chest
Buried treasure and pirate legends bubble to the surface in the seaside holiday town of Queenscliff and Phryne finds herself at the pointy end of a Spanish

Episode 4 - Deadweight
When a gang leader is found dead outside a travelling boxing tent, Phryne's investigation leads her into the dangerous but thrilling world of fight rigging and tribal payback

Episode 5 - Murder a la Mode 
When Phryne arrives at the exclusive fashion house of Madame Fleuri for a fitting, she unexpectedly finds herself amidst a crime scene, and everyone present is a suspect!

Episode 6 is Marked for Murder. They will be aired on ABC1 on Friday, 4 Oct and Friday, 11 Oct.

And here is a new video with more information about Season 2:

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