Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S02E11 - Dead Air

Warning: Contains spoilers!
Episode 11 Dead Air kicks off at a radio station on a rainy night. A woman is being strangled inside the studio and is fighting to get away.

Credits roll

Mr Butler is tuning in a radio when Dot and Phryne enter the room. Dot asks how many stations it will pick up and Phryne says only 3JH. Mr Butler asks what is so particular about 3JH and Dot tells him it has the Polkinhorns (a radio series) and a girl that went to her school helps make it. At home with the Polkinhorns starts. We see the actors in the studio as Hugh arrives. The actors says that their daughter Guinevere has arrived but the actress that plays Guinevere does not show up. Phryne and Dot continue to listen although the broadcast is a bit stilted. The producer goes out of the studio to talk to Hugh and comes back in and announces Louisa is dead live on air and tells them to shut the radio off. Dot is shocked and says Louisa is the girl she knows. 

Phryne and Dot head to the scene and see Louisa on the floor outside the radio station. Phryne introduces herself and Dot to Jimmy Creswick the station manager and his wife Hazel. Phryne asks if the body is Louisa and Hazel says yes Louisa Singleton their girl Friday. Hazel is shocked and says 'they said they'd get us'. Phryne asks who did but Jimmy leads Hazel off inside. Phryne inspects the body and sees Louisa was strangled. She sees that Louisa watch was broken at 6.40pm so that is the time of death. Hugh waves Phryne away from the body and she asks where Jack is Hugh says he is on another job and Phryne offers assistance as Louisa was a good friend of Dots. Hugh agrees and tells Phryne that Jacks other job is undercover at the radio station.

Hugh is questioning Jimmy and Hazel who tell him Louisa is wearing the same clothes as the night before and they thought he was just late that morning but Hazel says Louisa was never late and playing Guinevere in the Polkinhorns was her big step up. Phryne notices a mark on the window and breathes on it revealing Louisa's hand print that she left in the struggle. Hugh asks if there was anyone that would want to hurt Louisa and Jimmy says no she was a top girl who kept the books neat and helped with the scripts. Hazels says Louisa broke things off with her fiance in Perth when she was offered the job at 3JH. Phryne searches though Louisa's coat. Hugh asks if there had been any trouble and they tell him not against Louisa but they had received threatening phone calls telling them to shut down the station. Jimmy says they had been expecting trouble as other radio stations had been attacked. Hazel mentions they have gone from  their brightest night to their darkest day and Jimmy says Hazel was crowned best Australian talent at the radio awards the night before. Hazel gets upset as she notices her goldfish is dead and Jimmy pours her a glass of water to help he calm down. The radio starts up and Phryne recognises the voice.

She goes to investigate and sees it is Jack reading the news. Jimmy introduces him as Mr Archibold Jones. Hazel approaches and Jimmy tells her to go for a lie down as she looks shattered. When she leaves Jimmy tells Phryne that Hazel could not get two words out in front of a microphone when they first met and Phryne wonders if she would like to have a detective round to make her feel safer. Jimmy says they one to look out for is Jack! 

Jack finishes in the studio and comes out and tells Phryne he needs her to move in on the case as Hugh can't handle it alone. Phryne tells him he could ask nicely and Jack begs her. Jack tells her 4 radios stations in Melbourne and Sydney have been shut down in the last month as they were either robbed, vandalised or set alight. Phryne says that newspapers have the most to lose with radio taking off but Jack suspects an inside job and says it could be Clarence Ball the sports announcer as he left another radio station a week before it was shut down. 

Cec and Burt are listening to the racing tips from Clarence Ball and they say that the odds aren't good he just picks all the favourites but the pub landlord swears he is making a packet out of the tips. Burt says they are missing something.

Back at the station Hugh is interviewing Clarence Hall who said he aired the results of the last race at 7pm so was the last to leave as Jimmy and Hazel left at 5.30pm for the award night. Phryne says Hazel is doing wonders for the station and Clarence says he has quite a following. Phryne says he hasn't been there long and asks where he was before. Clarence says radio 3XL and Phryne asks didn't that station close down due to a fire. Clarence says this was before his time. Hugh asks when Louisa left and Clarence says there was no sign of her after his show at 7pm. Phryne asks what Louisa was working on and he says jingles and stories but they were a waste of time as Hazel wrote every word that went to air. Phryne asks Clarence is Hazel and Louisa ever disagreed and Clarence says Hazel has been tricky lately and Louisa would not be the only one she has crossed swords with.

Phryne then heads into the studio with Jack/Archie and tells him that he better co-operate as Jimmy thinks he is to blame for the murder as he is behaving suspiciously. Jack says that Clarence had the opportunity to murder Louisa as he could have slipped out of the studio in a musical interlude. Phryne mentions that Hazel and Louisa did not get on as they were competition. Hazel enters looking for the running order and says she is a mess without Louisa. Clarence finds it and Phryne offers Dot's assistance in helping organise things around the station. Phryne and Hazel leave and Jack asks ... if the police have any ideas. Clarence says it could be anyone, the bloke from the newspaper stand for one as Louisa complain about him waltzing in to the studio whenever he felt like it.Clarence says he wished he'd taken more notice and done something about him.

Jack goes to buy a paper and ask the man if he knew Louisa well. He says he hoped to know her better as he had asked her to go dancing but she turned him down twice although he says he was still in with a chance. He mentions he saw Louisa the previous night when she bought a bun and said she was going back to work. Jack tells him he should tell the cops but he says he is not getting mixed up with the cops and it wouldn't bring Louisa back. Jack notices the brand of cigarettes the man is smoking Silvers and the way he folds the top of the box.

Phryne leaves the station and bumps into Hugh she asks him if he is sure there is nothing they have missed. Dot is conversing with Clarence she says Louisa left school at 15 like her but she was always very smart. Clarence says Dot must be smart too if she is assisting a lady detective. He says he will test her and ask her to guess a bird sound which is the black swan. Hugh sees Dot and Clarence laughing together and goes over to see what is going on. Hugh says Clarence does not appear affected by Louisa death and asks why he didn't hear anything. Clarence says he has told Hugh everything he knows and he wouldn't have heard anything because the studio is soundproof. Meanwhile Phryne finds an empty Silvers cigarette pack with the top folded unusually.
Hazels come running out of the station shouting for help. Phryne, Dot, Jack and Hugh run inside and find Jimmy lying on the floor electrocuted by faulty wiring on a microphone. Jimmy tells them to stay back as the mircophone is still sparking. Hugh holds people back and Phryne says they need to turn of the power. Clarence directs Hugh to a fuse box in the hall. Phryne unplugs the faulty mic and calls out that it is all clear. Dot asks Jimmy if they have a first aid box but he says he will be OK. Hazel is panicking saying they tried to get Jimmy and the same thing happened at 2WA. Jimmy reassures her it was probably as silly accident but Jack looks at the wire and sees it has been tampered with.

At the police station Hugh is on the phone reporting that Jack prevented the electrocution and promises to pass on a message. Phryne and Dot enter the station and find Hugh feet up eating a biscuit. Hugh jumps to his feet. Phryne tells him that in his haste to follow orders he left Louisa's notebook behind. Phryne says since they are there they thought Hugh might need a hand going through Louisa's things.  Phryne lifts a jacket and finds Jacks secret stash of biscuits. They help themselves to one.

Outside the radio station Jack sees Clarence buy some ink from the newspaper stand. The owner hands it over but also hands over a fat looking envelope telling Clarence it had come for him special delivery.

Back at the police station Phryne, Dot and Hugh are sorting through Louisa's things. Phryne asks Hugh why Louisa would be an interstate train ticket. An overnight to Sydney booked for the next week with no return. Dot is reading Louisa's notebook and says Clarence said Hazel did not like Louisa's ideas but written in the notebook is the Polkinhorn's episode they played that morning. Phryne says Louisa could have been transcribing for Hazel but Dot shows her it says written by Louisa. Phryne says if all of the stories were Louisa's ideas but Hazel was taking all the glory she doesn't blame Louisa for trying to leave. Phryne finds the invite to the radio awards. She says it didn't begin until 7pm but the Creswicks left the studio at 5.30 which gives them plenty of time for a detour. Phryne suggests they have a quiet word with Hazel. Phryne tells Dot to bring the car around and leaves but not before pinching another biscuit.

Jack enters the radio station and seeing Clarence is in the studio searches his coat pocket and pulls out the envelope. He opens it and finds it is a newspaper clipping and money. He places it back in Clarence's coat.

Back at the police station Dot tells Hugh that if she could borrow the typewriter she could type up Louisa's notes for him. Hugh thanks her and tells her if he does well in this case he will be one step closer to a promotion which means they could afford to get married. Hugh says 'wisecracking bird impersonators will not be so free and easy when you are Mrs Hugh Collins'. Dot asks how they will break the news to his mother but Hugh says he does not care he will convert and get married in the catholic church. Dot says that will break his mothers heart and they should ask Phryne to help them find a solution. Hugh says they should work it out themselves as that is what they will have to do when Dot doesn't work for Phryne any more as once they set a date Dot will give notice. Dot looks shocked at this Dot mulls the thought over and leaves.

Back at Phryne's residence Phryne and Dot are awaiting Hazel's visit but the visitor that arrives is Jimmy he send Hazels apologies and asks Dot if she could help out with their typing. Dot says she is happy to help. Phryne asks Jimmy if he would mind a word about Louisa while he is there and Jimmy agrees. Phryne says Louisa seemed to dedicate her evenings to writing for radio and asks why nothing of hers was aired. Jimmy says Louisa was ambitious but she had no training as a writer and Louisa was needed far more as a typist as Hazel writes in longhand. Phryne shows Jimmy Louisa's notebook and asks who he explains that mornings episode being written there word for word.  Jimmy says perhaps she copied it from Hazel's script and it occurs to him that it could be plagiarism. Phryne asks if that is why Hazel argued with Louisa. Jimmy said any argument would be nothing more than a tiff. Phryne asks if Louisa mentioned her travel plans. Jimmy is not aware of any. Phryne states that as Hazel was very reliant on Louisa her moving on would have left Hazel in the lurch. Jimmy said it would have left them all in the lurch had they known about it. Phryne then asks what time they arrived at the award ceremony and Jimmy says they were a little late as Hazel had a headache he left ahead of her. Hazel stayed home for half an hour and then grabbed a cab to join him. Jimmy says he has to leave to check Hazel is on top of things as they have already missed one sponsors message. Phryne offers to step in as she has performance experience and needs to be around the station. Jimmy says he wouldn't want Hazel to feel displaced but at the moment it would be a great help.

At the radio station Phryne is performing an advert. Phryne sings the jingle accompanied by Clarence on piano but as he finishes the tune one of his piano strings breaks. Jimmy announces the news and Clarence says that they make a wonderful team and should get cosy. Phryne says she is quite cosy enough just as Jack enters the studio.

Dot enters the studio carrying a new fish for the tank and notices the paper man peaking through the sound booth curtains. She asks if she can help him and he says he is delivering the evening edition.  He says it is awful what happened to Louisa as she was a real gem. The paper man leaves and asks Dot to tell Clarence his paper is there as he needs it for his racing show. He leaves as Phryne enters the room. Dot congratulates Phryne on her performance and Phryne says the delivery man seemed quite particular about Clarence getting his newspaper and reads through it. She finds a horse circled in race 6 named Glory Girl.

Dot puts the fish in the water and Phryne says she thought the fish was dead. Dot tells her it is a new fish, a present as Hazel was upset about the last fish. Phryne tells Dot that was very kind of her and says she is a treasure and says she doesn't know what she would do without her. Dot says likewise.

Hazel bursts into the studio and says she just heard the end of the broadcast. She asks Phryne what she is doing. Jimmy tells Hazel he asked Phryne to step in and Hazel says in that case she should thank her. Jimmy tells Hazel she is so determined to carry on sometimes and hands her a glass of water.

At home in the kitchen Dot is making slow work of typing up the notes from the studio. Mr Butler is shelling peas and Dot asks him if he is sure he wouldn't want her to do it. Mr Butler says no as podding peas is very satisfying. Mr Butler says Miss Fisher relies on Dot for a lot more than her evening meal. He says they all help where they can but Dot is Phryne's right hand woman at all hours of the day and night. Dot agrees but says that wouldn't be possible if she lived anywhere else would it. Mrs Butler says it is not something he even wants to consider.

Cec and Bert burst in and tell them the need the radio as they have a date with a horse race. Dot tells them they can't just come in and take over the wireless whenever the please but they tell her it is a job and show her a note from Phryne. They tell Dot Phryne has asked them to keep an eye on Glory Girl but the horse is a joke and ran last all season. Dot says they can listen to one race but warns them Phryne has 'constabulary company'. They go into the dinning room and turn the wireless on telling Dot this reporter is actually at the track. Clarence tips Bedazzler for the win and Cec says he thought Glory Girl was the tip. Clarence mentions his mystery horse was born on 7th July 1926 and repeats this twice.

In the living room Phryne pours Jack a drink and Jack ask who told Hazel he should diversify into singing. Phryne playfully replies she is not sure but it is a wonderful suggestion. Jack says he is glad his feeble undercover attempt amuses her and Phryne says 'I look for joy in all the dark places Archie' Jack tells Phryne someone is paying Clarence large amounts of cash and Dodger (the newspaper man) looks like the go-between. Phryne agrees that he seems at home in the station but says it is odd he only offered up one tip. Jack wonders if it is an instruction for the next act of sabotage and 'glory girl' is Hazel.

A shout comes from the dinning room. Cec, Burt and Dot burst into the living room and Burt tells Phryne that Glory Girl won and it was a genuine tip but Clarence did not mention it. He spent all the time talking about his hall of fame mystery horse. Jack wonders if the money has to do with the racetrack no sabotage. Phryne says Louisa may have stumbled on the con and paid the price. Jack says he will have Hugh haul both of them in.

At the station Hugh and Phryne are questioning Dodger aka John Lockheart. Hugh asks if he is a relation to Neddy Lockheart the racehorse trainer and stand over man. John says he is his uncle but so what. Phryne mentions that Glory Girl the horse he circled won against the odds and perhaps they should talk to his uncles about that. John says his uncle has nothing to do with it he just keeps his ear to the ground. Hugh tells John if he doesn't want them to pay his uncle a visit he should tell them everything he knows about Clarence and his scheme. John says he passes his tips on and he puts them on the air. He says Clarence has a special code and punters pay to get hold of it.

Phryne and Hugh then question Clarence and tell him they are interested in his mystery horse section. Phryne asks Hugh what the clue was for the one that day and Hugh says it was foaled 7th July 1926. Phryne works it out as 7th letter of the alphabet twice which is G.G then 1926 i.e race 6 Glory Girl. Hugh asks if he is running a book and Clarence says no Dodger sells his code to punters and he then broadcasts the tip. He says if punters want to put on a bet its their business and if Dodger wants to pay him cash every night that's his business. Phryne asks if he met up with Dodger the night before but Clarence says Dodger was not there at the normal time so he paid him today. Phryne asks what time they usually meet and Clarence says after the show around 7pm. Clarence said last night he flashed the lights to signal for him to come up but Dodger did not make it so he gave up and went home.

Hugh and Phryne then question Dodger again and Hugh tells him a witness says he saw him selling a cinnamon bun to Louisa and asks what time it was Dodger says 6.15pm.   Hugh ask what he did after. John says he tidied up locked up and went home. Phryne asked what happened to his nightly meeting with Clarence. John said he had spent the money putting some bets on so he put Clarence off. Hugh asks if he went back to the radio station later that night but John says no. Phryne tells Hugh she will leave John to him. As 'Archibald Jones' is taking her out for the evening.

In the mortuary Jack and Phryne inspect Louisa's body. Jack pulls back the cloth showing the girls face with bruising around the neck. He says the coroner suggested strangulation as the cause of death. Phryne reads the report and tells jack Louisa had newspaper in her stomach and shreds found in her mouth. Phryne fishes it out of a bowl and sees it is page 5. Jack says the newspaper seller is looking more interesting. Phryne searches Louisa's bag and finds a fork. Jack says that Clarence told him Louisa often worked late and brought food to eat. Phryne says it is no ordinary fork as the tines are bent. Jack said it could have been caught in a drawer. Phryne says it is too even and has been especially modified. Jack asks for what and Phryne says they will have to return to the studio to find out.  

That night Phryne and Jack search the station. Phryne find a hole in the back of a hollow crockery cupboard where the fork fits perfectly. She pulls the back of the cupboard forward and finds a newspaper shoved behind it. They search the paper and Jack realises there is a page missing. Page 5! Phryne says Louisa must have kept it well hidden for a reason and whoever she confronted with it made her eat her words.

Jack and Phryne hear someone entering the station so they hide. A shadowy figure appears and strikes a match setting fire to the station. Jack and Phryne rush to escape. Jack attempts to put out the fire and Phryne chases down the figure but he makes a getaway. Phryne notices a empty pack of Silvers left behind. Phryne shows Jack and he says it was Dodger as he saw him with the same pack at the news stand.

The next morning Cec and Burt go to Dodgers news stand to get the tips but it is closed up. Hugh comes out of the station and asks what they are doing there. They say they are buying a paper. Hugh asks where Dodger is but Burt says he has not heard of him. They open the news stand and find Dodger dead inside. Hugh notices an amber earring on the floor inside.

Back at the mortuary Dodgers body is on the slab. Hugh reports to Jack that there were black newspaper finger prints all over the arson scene. Phryne is there inspecting the body and she says it looks like they have found their saboteur but wonders who murdered Dodger as if there is another killer at large then perhaps Dodger did not kill Louisa. Jack says he suspects Dodger was there at the radio station the night of Louisa's murder. Phryne agrees as Dodger knew Louisa was heading back to the radio station so if he had waited to check the coast was clear before his meeting with Clarence perhaps Dodger witnessed the murder. Phryne recognises the earring as Hazels. Phryne says she may not be as helpless as she seems. Jack says he doubts Hazels was capable of the murder on her own. Phryne says perhaps both the Creswicks conspired. Jack rushes to the radio station for his last broadcast and Phryne says she will meet him there.

Jack is doing his broadcast with Clarence listening on as Phryne arrives at the station. Phryne motions for him to wind it up and Jack bumbles the end. Clarence puts some music on and Jimmy bursts in asking him what he is doing. Jack shows his badge and tells them to consider it his resignation and Hazel enters the room.  Jack asks them to accompany him to the station to answer some questions about Dodgers murder.

Back at the station Hazels says the earring is hers and she lost it but she can't explain how it go into the news stand. She says she has no idea but she usually takes an earring off when she answers the telephone. She tells them to ask Jimmy and he will tell them where she was last night. Jack calls for Hugh to bring Jimmy through. Jimmy tells them they were home all evening and anyone could have picked up Hazels earring. Jack asks why the murderer would want to implicate Hazel.. Jimmy says how should he know. Hugh interrupts them and tells Jack some information has just come through that he might like to hear. Jack asks the Creswicks to wait outside and Hazels says she doesn't know how she will get through the show. Jimmy asks Phryne is she will still play Guinevere and Phryne says she wouldn't miss it for the world.

Hugh tells them the coroner had phoned to say Dodger was strangled with heavy wire possible piano wire. Phryne tells them Clarence broke a wire at the station the day before. Jack asks how they would explain the earring and Phryne says it could be an attempt to frame Hazel. Jack says they may know more when they find the missing page 5 and asks Hugh to check with archives.

Back at the station Phryne is looking into the fishbowl as the fish Dot bought is also dead. Dot arrives and Phryne says she is due on air but she needs Dot to take some evidence down to the station. Dot sees the goldfish and says Hazel will be devastated. Phryne says yes one dead goldfish is unfortunate but two points to fowl play.

Dot takes the fish in the bowl down to the station and delivers it to Hugh. Dot tells him Phryne would like the police lab to test the water and the fish as she thinks someone has put something in the water. Dot says the man at the fish store told her to clean the bowl out but she forgot. Dot looks upset and Hugh tells her its not her fault. He says he will get a jar to test the water. Dot says its not about the fish its about them. She said she didn't think what marriage would mean. She tells Hugh she wants to be with him but she wants to work for Phryne too. Hugh says that it wouldn't be right for her to work when she is married. Dot says she knows and removes her engagement ring. She tells Hugh she doesn't know what she wants. Hugh asks what this is and Dot hands over her ring and dashes out as Hugh shouts after her to wait.

Jack comes out and asks what is going on. Hugh says there has been another murder and points to the fish. Jack says he meant with Dot. Hugh tells him that he thought when they set a date Dot would stop working and make a home for them and she would be happy doing it but now she doesn't want to stop working and she isn't happy. Jack tells Hugh he is experiencing the paradox of pursuing the modern woman. Hugh questions if Dot is a modern woman and Jack says she has been living with one for a while so its bound to rub off.

At the radio station Phryne is recording an episode of the Polkinhorns with Hazel and Jimmy. During the episode Hazel collapses they rush through the end of the episode and Phryne gets Hazel a glass of water. Jimmy says he will take Hazel home but Hazel says she wants to finish the broadcast. Jimmy says no and takes her home. As Hazel leaves Phryne realises Hazels hair is on her hands so it must be falling out.
That night at home Dot is upset in the kitchen when Phryne gets home. Phryne asks what the matter is and Dot tells her about the proposal and how Hugh wants to announce it so they can set a date. Phryne says that is wonderful news but Dot says it is not as if she marries Hugh she wont be able to work anymore.Dot says she wont be able to go on investigations and take notes and improve her typing and go motoring in the Hispano. Phryne reminds her she hates motoring but Dot tells her she loves everything else and all that will end because that's the way it is for married women. Phryne says that doesn't mean it is the way things have to stay.

The next morning the doorbell rings. Phryne opens the door and Jack is holding the newspaper page Louisa was forced to swallow. Phryne says she thinks she is going to miss 'Archie Jones'. She asks if Jack picked the name himself as it did suit his gold tie. Jack tells her to just look at page 5. Phryne sees it is the births, bereavements and notices page and wonders what made it special to Louisa. Jack says Hugh thinks Dot might have more luck. Phryne tells Jack Dot has been rather upset and asks if Hugh has spoken to him. Jack says Hugh did seek his advice. Phryne ask what he told Hugh but Jack says it is confidential police information like this and hands Phryne an envelope.

Inside the envelope is the cause of death of the goldfish. Thallium found in rat poison which is colourless odorless and dissolves in water. Phryne mentions Hazel drinks a lot of water. Phryne reads that Thallium also causes hair loss. Jack says it has to be a low dose for the victim to lose their hair otherwise they'd just die. Phryne concludes that Hazel is being poisoned.

Dot yells to them that she has found it. She show Phryne a bereavement notice for a Guinevere Repath that died in Perth which is the name Louisa used in the Polkinhorns. Louisa lived in Perth for a year so she could have know Guinevere. Phryne wonders why she would hide the notice. There is a knock on the door and Hazel arrives. Dot shows her in but Hazel drops her purse. Phryne asks Hazel if she is not well. Hazel asks Phryne to fill in for her as she is not up to it and Phryne invites her into the parlour. Dot helps Hazel through and Jack grabs Phryne and tells her to make sure Hazel stays there and he will get Hugh to look up Guinevere Redpath.

Phryne tells Hazel that she is happy to help out at the station again but only if Hazel lets her take her to hospital straight after as Hazel is very ill. Hazel tells her she is alright, she has to be as she is starting a new job next week. Phryne realises that the ticket to Sydney was Hazels not Louisa's. Hazel tells her a new national broadcasting service are gathering presenters from all over the country and they want her. Hazel said she couldn't leave the station in the lurch so she was training Louisa to take over and Louisa booked the ticket for her. Phryne ask Hazel if she has heard of Guinevere Redpath or twilight melodies her radio show. Hazel said no but they could check the radio stations archives as Louisa was in charge of cataloging them. Phryne tells Dot to look after Hazel and heads to the station.

At the station Hugh is giving Jack Guinevere Redpath's information. He says the police report was inconclusive as the couldn't find Guinevere's husband Harry to interview him. Jack said Harry Redpath could have killed his wife come to Melbourne and changed his name.

At the station Phryne checks the archives but she is being watched by Jimmy who sighs and walks away. Phryne finds a recording of the twilight melodies.

Back at home Dot is making tea for Hazel. She asks why Hazel hasn't told  Harry about the job. Hazel asks if Dot has ever loved a man so much she would sacrifice her freedom. Hazel tells her Jimmy taught her everything about radio. She says he won't let her do anything on her own. She has no independence around him.

At the station Phryne asks Clarence to play the record as a favour. He asks Phryne if he gets one in return but Phryne tells him his charms are lost on her. Phryne listens to the recording and relises the voice of Harry Redpath is in fact Jimmy. Phryne runs to tell Jack but is stopped at the door by Jimmy who has a gun. He asks Phryne where his wife is and Phryne says she has no idea. She looks outside the studio and sees Clarence laid on the floor apparently dead. Jimmy says she better be there soon and Phryne retorts perhaps the poison has slowed her down. She says Louisa found you out didn't she Harry. She says Louisa remembered his voice from her time in Perth and then Guinevere's memorial jogged her memory. Louisa put Guinevere's name in the script to see how he would react and ordered the old recording to make sure. Jimmy/Harry tells Phryne she is not going anywhere until Hazel gets there. Phryne positions herself in font of the control board and switches a button to ensure they are live on air.

At home Dot and Hazel are listening to the wireless. Hazel listens on shocked. Dot runs to call the police.

Hugh rushes to tell Jack Phryne is in trouble.

Back in the studio Phryne tells Jimmy/Harry she knows that the night of the murder he had gone back to the studio to poison Hazel again but Louisa caught him. She confronted him and he strangled her. Phryne says Harry dragged Louisa's body outside but Clarence could not hear any of it. Then Harry carried on to the award night as if nothing had happened. As Dodger had witnessed the murder Harry killed him too. Harry tells Phryne she can't move until Hazel walks through the door. He says Hazel defied him and if he can't have her no one will. He says he will kill Hazel.

At home Hazel is hysterical listening to the broadcast.

Harry says he will kill Phryne too. Phryne backs away knocking over a mic and Harry sees the broadcast was live. He rushes Phryne but she pushes him away. Harry wrestles her to the ground and strangles her.

Jack and Hugh rush to the radio station. Phryne fights Harry off hitting him with the fallen mic and grabs him gun training it on him. Jack and Hugh burst in and Harry is arrested. Phryne tells Jack he took his time.
Back at home champagne is served by Mr Butler as Phryne holds a soiree. Hugh asks Dot if she wants to put her engagement ring back on and Dot asks him how they will solve everything. Hugh tells her it is a paradox, a problem that takes time to solve. They enter the soiree and Hugh says it will take time for him to understand the modern woman. Dot asks if he is happy for a long engagement and Hugh agrees. Dot shows Phryne the ring back on her finger and Phryne proposes a toast to them.
Later that night Phryne walks in on Jack tinkering on the piano. She says 'so Archie looks like its back to your old life' Jack goes to get up but Phryne tells him not to stop because of her and joins him at the piano. Jack begins to play and the pair sing 'Lets Misbehave' 

And just for you now, here is their performance:

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