Food and Drink in Flying too High

Here is a list of all the food and drink mentioned in the book Flying too High:

Honeybears, coffee buds, mint-leaves, silver sticks, umbrellas and bananas - Candida's lollies
Scones, cream and jam, petit fours and brandy snaps, Ceylon tea - Tea with Mrs McNaughton
Lobster mayonnaise, steak and chips for Bunji - Dinner with Bunji at the Windsor
Vegetable soup, egg and bacon pie and apple crumble - The Butler's and Dot's tea
Bacon and eggs - Dot's breakfast
Cutlets of lamb and creamed potatoes, peas, apple pie - Lunch cooked by Mrs B
Tea and cakes
Green pasta, olives, oil, chicken livers, onions and mushroom, spiced fish, coffee and biscotti - Meal at Cafe Royale
Tea and ham sandwiches – the rescue party picnic
Bacon, eggs mushrooms kedgeree toast - Breakfast at Queenscliff Hotel
Cream of pumpkin soup, cheese souffle, fillet mignon chasseur, peach nectarine lemon orange and grapefruit sherbets, handmade chocolates - Dinner at Queenscliff Hotel
Vegetable soup, lamb chops, green beans, pomme de terre anna, apple pie and cream, coffee and kirsch - Dinner with Dr Fielding

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