Clothing in A Question of Death

The following outfits appear in A Question of Death:
Scarlet brocade evening dress, black gloves, diamond clip and a band of diamonds around her upper arm and throat - Hotel Splendide

Claret evening dress by Paitou with gold and black grapes embroidered around the hem, gold slippers and a purple cap – Puttin on the Ritz

Red satin erte dress, red brochade shoes - Overheard on the Balcony

Wine coloured wool, cloche with green and black flowers, boots, trousers & jumper with parrots on - Death Shall be Dead.

Peach and black bloused top and a pair of palpable, scandalous trousers – Carnival

Wine coloured wool dress - The Camberwell Wonder

Golden afternoon dress with silk embroidered bee - Come, Sable Night

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