Phryne's Friends - Mr Tobias Butler and Mrs Aurelia Butler

We first meet Mr and Mrs Butler when they are hired by Phryne in Flying too High. Mr Butler is by name and butler by passionate avocation. Makes a wonderful cocktail and is rewarded by being allowed to drive the Hispano-Suiza. Mrs Butler is a very experienced and skillful cook who wanted a quiet life after their previous employer passed on to the great banquet in the sky. Throws the occasional pot but likes the household and the situation.

Unfortunately Mrs Butler's character does not appear in the TV series but we do see Mr Butler played by Richard Bligh. In the series, before he met Phryne, Mr Butler thought he was settling into an easy job to see him through his later years without his beloved Mrs Butler. Despite his years, he adapts quickly to his new household and is able to anticipate Phryne’s every domestic need. Highly perceptive and superbly discreet, Mr Butler has an impeccable sense of timing and a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when his presence might be required.

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