Phryne's Toilette - List of Phryne's Bath Products and Soaps

During the series of books Phryne uses a number of toiletries. They are:

Cocaine Blues:
Lavender salts
Facial Youth face cream
Parisian soap

Flying Too High:
Nuit de Paris bath salts

Murder on the Ballarat Train:
Reve du Coquette bath oil
Rose de Gueldy

Death at Victoria Dock:
Pine salts

The Green Mill Murder:
Spruce bath scent

Blood and Circuses: 
Nuit de Amour soap
Horse chestnut

Ruddy Gore:
Chestnut blossoms

Urn Burial:
Goanna oil

Raisins and Almonds:
Orchid bath salts
Pine bath salts

Death Before Wicket: 
Rose de Gueldy
Jasmine soap
Lavender bath salts

Away with the Fairies:
Chestnut blossom salts
Pine salts

Murder in Montparnasse:
Chestnut blossom

The Castlemaine Murders:
Egyptian asses milk bath as used by Cleopatra
Floris tea rose bath oil

Queen of the Flowers:
Lily of the valley
Milk powder

Death by Water:
Floris honeysuckle

Murder in the Dark:
Lemon blossom
Magnolia bath salts
Chestnut blossom

Murder on a Midsummer Night:
Pine soap
Castile soap double milled scented with freesias
Ocean bath scent

Dead Man's Chest: 
Milk of roses
Epsom salts
Coconut shampoo

Unnatural Habits:
Cypress oil
Pine soap

Murder and Mendelssohn: 
Chestnut blossoms

A Question of Death:
Nuit d'Amour bath salt

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  1. amazing how women in the golden age make do'ed with few essentials such as castille soap and parafums.