Season 3 - Further Speculation

A recent post on Memorable TV mentions more details of season 3 plot lines these include forays into the worlds of magic, competitive tennis, the Italian community, the RAAF, early plastic surgery, women’s psychotherapy and astronomy.

Season 3 also sees a developed relationship between Phryne and Jack that there is nothing standing in their way. This is until her father arrives from England (much to the annoyance of his sister-in-law Prudence played by Miriam Margolyes) and his wayward mess comes between her and Jack, threatening to push them to opposite ends of the earth. Series 3 is Phryne and Jack’s biggest test yet – just how far are they prepared to go to be together?

This season too Dot Williams (Ashleigh Cummings) is getting ever more involved in Phryne’s investigations, working alongside her as Watson does with Sherlock Holmes. Dot accepted Hugh’s proposal of marriage in Series 2 but on the condition of a ‘long engagement’ while they figure out how to solve a few issues – like the Catholic/Protestant divide and Dot’s desire to keep working.

Meanwhile Phryne’s best friend and confidante Dr Elizabeth MacMillan (affectionately known to Phryne as ‘Mac’) is appointed the Chief Medical Officer at the beginning of Series 3 creating worrying ripples between Phryne and Jack, given her close alliance to Phryne.

 It seems that a lot of the episodes will be original stories but I think that from the images shown in the trailer that one of the episodes may be Rudigore (judging by the image above)

Another episode may also be either Flying too High or possibly the plot-line from The Green Mill Murders that sees Phryne flying across the Australian Alps.


  1. No, they did Ruddy Gore in Season 1. It was one if the better episodes in that it was closer to the book than the others.

    1. Ahh of course. I had completely forgotten about that episode as I haven't written the episode synopsis for seasons ones episodes yet as I am saving them for when I get round to doing the rest of the posts about the books.