Mr Butlers Cocktail of the Week - Sidecar

Phry-day is almost upon us again which means another cocktail from Mr Butler. This week it's the Sidecar:

Get ready for Phry-days with Mr Butler's Cocktail of the Week. "A love triangle can be very trying, but a Sidecar can make it all a breeze..." is his advice for Episode 2: Murder & the Maiden.
Posted by Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Thursday, 14 May 2015

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  1. Hello from New Yawk!
    I have been silently reading your lovely blog, loving the various lists and updates about the series. We don’t get any of the promotional hullabaloos stateside, and I fight pangs of jealousy when I read what’s on in AU.
    I'm continuing to read your blog, despite not having access to the newest season via the proper channels for a few more months. I adore the design work so utterly, that I won't befoul the experience by pirating, as the visual quality suffers. I'm a book reader as well, and don't imagine myself being too spoiled by some of your amusing anecdotes.
    Funnily, the Sidecar has been my cocktail of choice recently. My paramour prefers a bit more kick, so he mixes me up my drink, then refills with the same components (brandy, fresh lemon juice & Cointreau) with the addition to gin to make a Loudspeaker.
    I love puzzling over the cocktails presented in the books, and sometimes like to work out what they may have been; if given enough clues. I wish there was more data in the earlier books, it’s so tantalizing!