Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Movie News

Season 3 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries may be well and truly over with no hint of a Christmas special this year but fan of the series will be delighted to hear that a movie is in the pipeline. An article on New.com.au (which can be read here) indicates that the movie will be shot in the UK and an exotic location shoot and Phryne will fly her light plane all the way, breaking aviatrix records of the day! So it seems the movie may be continuing the plot left at the end of season 3.

On set at Ripponlea Estate in Melbourne during filming of season three, Essie Davis acts coy when asked about the feature film plans.
“That’s top secret information,” smiles the actress, her signature black bob in stark contrast to today’s brilliant white tennis outfit. But she reels off her wish list for the film:

“There’s all sorts of amazing things you could do. There’s got to be horses, there’s got to be rickshaw chases, lots of building climbing, rooftop running, things like that!”

However after reading this exciting article izzyandlouie.tumblr.com emailed EveryCloud Productions about the movie with queries about Nathan Page's involvement and were told the above article may be slightly misleading as no financing for the movie is in place and the idea is very much in its infancy. You can read the full response here. So it seems that Phryne fans will have to wait a little longer for news of her return be it a movie or another season of the TV series.

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