Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries S03E04 - Blood and Money

The episode starts with a young man running down a dark alley late at night he is clutching his bloody stomach. The boys knocks on a door and begs to be let in but when the door is opened he says no not you stay away from me.
We then see a boys body being dragged into a shallow grave and covered over.

Early morning Phryne arrives home and Dot comes down the stairs. Phryne asks her if she waited up and Dot tells her no she is just having breakfast. Phryne tells her the milkman sends his regards and hands her the milk. There is a knock on the door and Phryne tells Dot if it is Francois to send him away. Dot answers the door and a young boy burst through. He tells Dot that he is looking for Miss Fisher. Phryne answers and he tells her he has a detecting job for her. Phryne asks what the problem is and the boy tells her his brother has gone missing.

Credits roll
At the hospital a male doctor is introducing a ladies group to Archie Woods a gentleman whose face was badly disfigured in the war. The doctor urges the women's auxiliary group to continue to fund the war victim program so he can continue with his ground-breaking cosmetic surgeries. The ladies clap and Dr Mac introduces Lady Granville with her alternative proposal. A nurse comes running over to the group calling for help. She tells them to come quickly as she has found a dead child.

Back at Phryne's house Phryne, Dot and Paddy the boy are sitting down to breakfast. the young boy tells them that his brother, Ned didn’t come home the night before. Phryne asks where home is and he say Collingwood that's how he knows of her because she is famous there. Dot asks him about his parents but he tells them his mum had died the year before and his father died in the war before he was born. Dot asks where he lives and he tells them there is always somewhere to bunk. Phryne asks Paddy if he has gone to the police and he tells her you can't trust the rozzas. He offers to pay her with a silver candlestick telling her it is just a down payment and she will get the rest once Ned is found.

Mr Butler enters the room and tells Phryne she has a phone call from Dr Mac.

Phryne, Dot and Paddy go to the hospital where they meet up with Jack. Jack asks Phryne if she is going out or coming in and Phryne tells him not everyone is curled up in bed at nine with a warm milk and a Zane Grey. Jack tells her she prefers a bottle of cognac and a D.H. Lawrence.

The group enter the morgue and Phryne tells Paddy to prepare himself. Dr Mac pulls back the cover and Paddy grabs Phryne's wrist. Phryne tells him she is sorry but Paddy tells her it isn't her brother it is Badger. Jack asks what his real name is and the Doctor tells him to ask Madison the nurses aid as she might know him from her health van checks. Dot notices a bottle top necklace and asks what it is. Dr Mac says she found it hanging round his neck. Phryne asks Paddy if Badger was part of a gang say the bottlers, or bootleggers. She says in her day the token always represented the name. Paddy says it is the bottle top boys. Phryne asks if Ned is a member too and Paddy nods. Phryne then asks if he is a member and Paddy says no his brother wouldn't let him as he said one of them going bad was enough. Phryne ask him when the last time he saw Badger alive was and Paddy says 2 days ago just before Ned disappeared. Phryne asks Dot to take Paddy outside The nurses aid enters and asks the doctor, Dr Harcourt to help Lady Granville as she has had one of her turns. Dr Mac says she will deal with Lady Granville while he starts the autopsy then she can tell Lady Granville he is busy.

Phryne and Jack check Badger's belongings and find a roll of money. Jack comments that it is a lot of money for a street urchin. Phryne pulls a bullseye sweet from the pocket and says at least he spent it wisely. Jack tells her he will take it up with Paddy and she wishes him good luck.
The doctor rolls down the covering on Badger's body and they notice two stab marks one in the chest and an older one in the arm. The doctors comments someone meant business and Phryne says it looks like it has happened before. The doctor turns away and Phryne finds a white feather in the boys hair.

Outside Phryne tells Dot that she needs to find a match for the feather and asks her to consult Mr Butler. Jack asks Paddy who would want to hurt Badger, if he had any enemies, like anyone in the gang. Paddy says he got on alright with everyone in the gang. Jack asks Paddy where Badger would have got the money from but Paddy is reluctant to answer. Phryne calls Jack off and talks to Paddy herself. Phryne tells him to spill the beans and Paddy says  he doesn't know about the money but Badger would have got the sweet from the 'monster man' Phryne asks who but Paddy says he doesn't know the man but Badger called him that because he is half monster, half man.

Inside the hospital Jack and Phryne question Archie. They ask if he knows a boy called Badger. Archie tells them there are a few boys around the place, part of the war victims program. Phryne notices a jar of Bullseye lollies and asks Archie if there is one lad in particular, one with a liking for bullseyes. Archie says one of them does his odd jobs sometimes but he is forgetful with names. Then he remembers it is Badger. Phryne asks him what kind of jobs and Archie says deliveries of hospital supplies like bandages and the like. Jack asks Archie if he ever paid but Archie says only in sweets as he does not have money to spare. Jack asks Archie where he was the night before. Archie says he was there. Phryne asks if anyone can verify that and Archie says no and asks what is going on. Phryne tells him about Badger being found dead, murdered.

Phryne and Jack then talk to Dr Harcourt who tells them he employed Archie to keep an eye on him but despite his best efforts Archie is in constant pain so his thinking is a little erratic. Jack tells the doctor he understands but Archie is still a suspect until they know more. Doctor Harcourt tells them Archie is used to people thinking the worst of him and excuses himself.

Jack mentions that Paddy's brother belonged to the same gang and disappeared at the same time as Badger. Phryne says it is a worrying coincidence. Jack tells her he should take Paddy to the station to learn more but Phryne tells him no kid from Collingwood would cooperate with the police. Jack reminds her that one does (her) and Phryne tells him he is cooperating with her. Phryne tells him the first thing she ever stole was a swallow brooch from a pawn shop, she was caught but the policeman let her have it because she told him that her grandmother had given it to her and her father had pawned it for a bottle of beer. Phryne tells Jack she will spend some time with Paddy and see what she can find out.

Back at the police station Jack is looking for Hugh and finds him asleep in one of the cells.  Jack wakes him up and asks him what is going on. Hugh tells him he had a puncture on his bike and missed the last tram home. Hugh says he will get back to work and Jack tells him to put some clothes on first (as he is in his longjohns) as he is required at Phryne's.

At Phryne's house Mr Butler is inspecting the feather with Hugh and Dot (who is bringing in a sponge cake). He asks if there was a pond or lake near where it was found. Dot says no. Mr Butler says that is odd because it is definitely a duck feather.  Hugh tells them that Mary Madison the health van nurse told him Badgers proper name was Barnaby Parkins. He says maybe there were ducks near where he was living. Dot says none of the boys have a proper home as Paddy was starving when he knocked on the door. Mr Butler says he hates to think when Paddy last had a bath and leaves the room. Dot asks Hugh when he last had a shave and Hugh says he missed his turn in the bathroom that morning which is the problems with families, overcrowding. He tells her he thinks it is not the best idea to move into his families bungalow when they are married. Dot tells him they agreed it with his mother and she has already made the curtains. Hugh tells her he thinks it is best that they rent and Dot tells him if they do that they will not be able to save up to buy their own house. Dot suggests they stay in the bungalow for a short time and Hugh tells her no she will find a way as he is the breadwinner and it is his job to provide.

Phryne and Paddy arrive home and Phryne tells Dot Paddy has agreed to be their house guest while she is in his employ.  Phryne tells them they are going back to Collingwood to get Paddy's things once she has changed. She introduces Paddy to Hugh. Dot tells Paddy to help himself to as much cake as he likes. Hugh tells him he has fallen on his feet and asks when he last ate. Paddy says this morning. Hugh tells him he is doing a lot better than him and takes the cake.
Phryne and Paddy are in Collingwood with Dot and Cec and Burt. Phryne describes Ned to them and tells them to whistle if they see him. Cec and Burt go off to look. A boy comes running around the corner followed by Nurse Madison. She calls after him to come back and says that lad will nick anything. Phryne notices he has dropped a slingshot. Nurse Madison recognises Phryne as Dr Macs friend and Phryne introduces herself, Dot and asks if she knows Paddy. Nurse Madison says yes and asks if there is any news on Badger. Phryne tells her none as yet and tells her they are looking for Ned. Nurse Madison says not Neddy too and tells Paddy she was worried sick when they didn't show for breakfast. Phryne asks if she provides food as well as running the health van and Nurse Madison tells her not officially but if she didn't feed the boys every now and then they wouldn't let her near them. Phryne asks when the last time he saw Ned was and Nurse Madison says she will check her records. Nurse Madison checks her book and says Badger was doing so well as he just got a clean bill of health after having pneumonia. Phryne sends Paddy to pick his things up. He says they are out the back near the stables. Paddy and Dot leave and Nurse Madison says all the boys sleep out there but she turns a blind eye. Archie arrives with a parcel for Nurse Madison and she gives him some packages of Lysol soap to return. Nurse Madison consults her book and tells Phryne she gave Badger a lice bath 3 days ago and Ned refused one on the same day. Nurse Madison asks if the police are looking for Jimmy too as he disappeared over a week ago.
Paddy and Dot collect his things from the stables. Dot looks at a jumper and says it looks too big for him and Paddy tells her it was his fathers. Phryne and Nurse Madison arrive and Dot tells Phryne Paddy just told the boys the news. Phryne tells Dot to take Paddy home and get him settled in as she can manage. Phryne tells the boys that Badger is dead and Ned is still missing so if anyone knows anything they would be better telling her before the police find out but the boys don't say a word. Phryne asks if the boys know Archie. Phryne sees a cigarette butt on the floor and asks who the smoker is. She peeps over a stable door and sees a boy hiding.

Back at the police station Hugh tells Jack that he has been meaning to talk to him about his career as he has applied for a junior detective position at city central and he was hoping he could have more of a running with this case and get a reference. Jack asks if he is unhappy and Hugh tells him the pay is good. Jack says that is true but is he willing to be transferred. Hugh says no but it is complicated but at that moment Phryne and Burt arrive at the station with Col Richards the leader of the Bottle Top Boys in tow. Jack greets him and asks if he still has 4 sugars in his tea. Jack tells him Badger was killed a week after he robbed a house in South Yarra and asks if Col sent him on the job. Phryne asks if this might jog his memory as she saw him drop it and uncovers a small knife. Col tells them they can't pin it on him. Phryne tells him he had opportunity and a weapon but Col tells them he didn't send Badger to that house and he didn't see him that night. Phryne says that Col now has a motive as Badger was moonlighting so he could have made an example out of him. Col tells him that he did not kill Badger and as they have no way of proving it they can't hold him. Jack tells him he can go.

Outside the station Phryne surmises that Badger was working for Archie doing odd jobs and Badger had a Bullseye sweet in his pocket that wouldn't have lasted long for a hungry boy so he must have seen Archie not long before he died. Jack says he is reticent to harass Archie unless they have proof. Phryne says perhaps Archie needs help now he has lost his messenger boy.

Outside the hospital Archie is raking leaves and Phryne and Paddy are spying on him. Paddy approaches him and ask him if he needs a hand now Badger has gone. He says he will work cheap.

Later Paddy gives Phryne the items he was meant to deliver telling her Archie says he will give 3 pence per delivery. Dr Mac and Dr Harcourt check them out and discover they are vials of morphine. They check the medicine cabinet and discover all the morphine is accounted for but  Dr Mac and Phryne checks it and realises it is water.

Phryne, Dr Mac and Dr Harcourt go to tell Archie of their discovery. Dr Harcourt tells Archie he won't be charged. Phryne tells him they need to know about Badger. Archie says he sent Badger on a job the day before and he was meant to come back with the cash but someone put one over on Badger and paid him in medals telling him it was pure gold. Phryne asks if he was angry with Badger and Archie says yes as he was always letting people pay with old rubbish which he then had to pawn for a song. Phryne ask how angry he was and Archie says Badger riled him up as he had a mouth on him. Phryne ask if he threatened to tell the hospital what he was doing. Archie tells them all to leave and Phryne tells him he needs to tell them what happened even if it is bad. Nurse Madison arrives asking if everything is alright and Archie pulls a sword. He stabs the wall narrowly avoiding Phryne who picks up a mop to deflect his blows. She pushes the sword from his hands with the mop the gives him a shove backwards and the doctor grabs him. Nurse Madison then calms him down. At the police station Jack locks Archie in a cell.

Back at Phryne house, Phryne and Jack are having a drink. Jack tells Phryne he can't interview Archie when he is in this state and Dr Mac has given him something to calm him down. Jack tells her he has asked for a match for the sword with Badgers wounds but if Badger was threatening to uncover Archie's drug theft then Archie has an obvious motive. Phryne wonders if Nurse Madison is a customer as she remembers the pair exchanging packages at the health van. Jack notices Phryne's scarf is torn and ask what happened she tells him Archie but it is better than puncturing her throat. Jack strokes her neck and says it looks like he tried and Phryne tells him it is nothing as Archie is probably not the first man that wanted to wring her neck. Dot enters the room to pick up her hat and Phryne ask where she is off to. Dot tells them Hugh is taking her to the pictures and Jack tells them he has taken an extra shift to impress the Chief Commissioner. Dot asks why and Jack tells her it is probably about the promotion but Dot did not know about the promotion.

That night Hugh is out in the laneways. He sees a boy sitting on a sack and tells him he is looking for one of the bottle top boys, named Ned. The boy throws a cabbage at Hugh and runs away.

Back at Phryne's house Paddy is being served tea in the kitchen by Mr B. Dot comes to join them. Mr B says he thought she would be at the pictures and Dot tells him that Hugh had to work so she will work on Paddy's jumper. Paddy asks how long it will take as he need to get back out looking for Ned. Dot says it will take a while and Paddy tells her he will give her until the next day. Dot tells him that is generous of him but he should be in bed and sends him on his way. Mr B says that Hugh is spending a lot of time on the case and Dot tells him she has just found out that Hugh is chasing a promotion at another station. Mr B says that might not be a bad thing but Dot questions why Hugh would leave Jack even for more money and why Jack doesn't stop him. Mr B tells her Hugh must do what he feels is right and Jack would never stop him just as Phryne would not stop her from pursuing her dreams even if she missed Dot terribly. Dot says she wishes Hugh had shared his dreams and Mr B says maybe Hugh wanted to surprise her.

In the drawing room Phryne welcomes Mac and Dr Harcourt in and asks what is wrong Mac tells her Lady Granville heard about Archie. Dr Harcourt tells Phryne that Lady Granville has announced to the entire ladies auxiliary that he has been locked up for murder. Phryne tells him that Archie is only been questioned and has not been charged. Mac says if he is charged it would help them if it happened after tomorrow as that is when the ladies axillary make their decision on funding the war victims program. Phryne says 'so its ok if he hangs but just not yet' Dr Mac says no but they are talking about one life as a pose to a program that benefits hundreds. Dr Harcourt makes a toast to the death of medical progress and Phryne suggests one last ditch remedy I.e him socialising with the ladies. Dr Harcourt says he tries not to encourage them and Phryne tells him that would only make him more attractive he should give them a little hope and accept an invitation or two. Dr Harcourt says or perhaps offer one and asks Phryne if she would care to join him for supper. Dot interrupts them and asks if Paddy has snuck down and Phryne says she thought he was in bed. Dot says as did she.

Hugh is investigating in the woods and hears a rustling he calls out whose there and a boys runs away. Hugh gives chase and catches the boy Paddy and tells him to empty his pockets. They stop tussling as Paddy notices something behind him. Hugh turns to see the body of a boy. Hugh asks if it is Ned but Paddy says it is Jimmy.

Back at Phryne's house Phryne, Jack and Hugh are in the kitchen with Paddy who is in shock. Phryne tells him they have taken Jimmy to the hospital as they need to find what happened to him. Paddy says Jimmy wasn't like the rest of them he lived on the streets but he had his Mum he just joined the gang so he could make money for her. Phryne tells him not to worry about her or Ned. Paddy says he knows Ned is still alive and he didn't steal the necklace. Ned left it for him in the downpipes behind the stables. He says it is their secret place where they hide things for each other that no one else knows. Phryne asks what necklace and Hugh shows her telling her that it is one of the ones Badger stole from the .. house. Phryne remembers that the necklace matched a pair of earrings Nurse Madison was wearing. Phryne says perhaps Badger wasn't working alone.
Later that night Phryne goes to investigate Nurse Madison's truck and finds a parcel addressed to Archie. Inside is more of the stolen jewels. Phryne is interrupted in her search by Nurse Madison who asks if she can be of assistance as the neighbours thought they'd heard someone poking about. Phryne says she is looking for Ned and thought she heard something in the truck and Nurse Madison tells her there aren't a lot of places to hide. Phryne shows Nurse Madison the earrings and says they are very beautiful and asks where she got them. Nurse Madison says they are just paste and they were a gift, well not exactly a gift as she bought them off one of the boys as a favour as his mother had passed and he was selling her things. Phryne says unless his mother lived in Como they are stolen property along with the rest of the 'gifts'. Nurse Madison says she had her doubts but she only did it for the health van. Phryne asks what Archie has to do with it and Nurse Madison says nothing bad he just pawns the jewels. Phryne asks who steals them for her and Nurse Madison tells her she never knew anything was stolen. Phryne asks if they were who does she think would have done it and Nurse Madison tells her Col Richards is the ring-leader

At the police station Jack places the jewels in front of Col who tells him he has never seen them before. Jack tells him they were stolen by Badger a week before he died. Phryne tells him Mary Madison tells her she got them from him and Col says she is lying. Phryne tells him now another member of the gang turns up dead and ask if Jimmy was moonlighting as well. Col is shocked by the news. Hugh knocks on the door interrupting them and gives Jack Badgers autopsy that concludes Archie's bayonet is not a match for Badgers wound. Jack tells Hugh to release Archie. Phryne reads the other report Hugh bought in which states Col was the number one suspect in a recent assault with a deadly weapon case ie a knife. Phryne says the knife he was carrying earlier is no weapon for a gang leader and asks where his real one is. Col tells them is is Mary Madison's word against his and what makes them think she is such an angel.
The next morning Jack arrives at the police station to find Hugh asleep in the police car outside. Jack knocks on the window waking Hugh and asks him what is going on. Hugh tells him the cells are full and Jack asks why he isn't sleeping in his own bed. Hugh tells him his mother threw him out when she found out he was converting to Catholicism. Jack asks if Dot knows and Hugh says she doesn't want her to know as they will be back where they started with each of their families trying to convert them to their religion. He says Dot would want to call off the wedding which is why he needs the promotion to buy a place of his own. Hugh hands Jack a knife and says he went back to the stables and found it stashed where Paddy told them Ned left him things. He says there is dried blood on the knife and what looks like a fingerprint. He also gives him a report that came through from Dr Mac stating that Jimmy died from septicaemia from infected knife wounds. Jack praises Hugh on his work and heads inside. Hugh jumps back in the car to grabs his boots and follows.

At Phrynes house Phryne is holding a soiree for the ladies axillary and Dr Harcourt is entertaining the ladies. Mac and Phryne watch on and Mac tells her she is beginning to believe they will be able to secure the funding afterall. Dr Harcourt joins them and tells Phryne she will be pleased to hear he has accepted two luncheon invitations, a soiree and a tea dance. Phryne tells him that is very braves and the Dr tells hers especially when none of them are the companion of his choice. Mac asks Phryne is she is any closer to finding the killer of the boys and Phryne tells them it could be a simple case of gang warfare but warns the doctors off Mary Madison. Mr B interrupts with a telephone call from Jack saying its poor Archie.

Phryne, Mac and Dr Harcourt rush to the morgue to find Jack there and Archie dead on the slab. Jack tells her the hospital staff found him that morning and hands her an empty bottle of morphine. Jack tells her it looks like it was self administered. Phryne says perhaps someone wants them to think that. Dr Mac removes Archies face plate and says the tissue is infected underneath. Dr Harcourt tells her he performed another graft a week ago and it looks like it has been rejected. Dr Harcourt says he is going to break the news to Mary Madison as she will take it hard and leaves.

Jack shows Phryne the knife Hugh found. Mac looks at it and tells them it could be the murder weapon.. Phryne looks at the boys bodies and says they were both members of the same gang and both carried knife wound and scars, it isn't right to die so young but it isn't right to live so violently either.

At the police station Jack shows Paddy the knife and asks if he knows who it belongs to. Phryne tells him someone is targeting the boys and they need to find who it is and put them away before they hurt anyone else. Paddy tells him it was one of Cols. He asks about his brother and Phryne asks about their special place where he left the necklace. She says it would be a good idea to leave Ned something in return. Paddy suggests some of the cheese scones. Hugh gets off the telephone and tells Jack the fingerprints on the knife were not Col's.

That night Phryne and Paddy are on a stakeout behind the stables waiting for Ned to show. Paddy asks what if he doesn't show and Phryne says they should just wait and see. Ned shows and checks the pipe and Paddy runs to greet him. Phryne tells him to stay where he is. Ned asks why Paddy bought someone and who is she. Ned tells him he shouldn't have done that and they can't stay now but Phryne tells him not to worry they know he didn't do it but at that moment Jack and Hugh show up to arrest Ned. Phryne asks what is going on and Jack tells her Ned's fingerprints were found on the knife. Paddy shouts that Col is the one and she says so and Ned tells him that he didn't mean to but he did it, he killed Badger.

Jack takes Ned to the site they found Badger and asks if he buried him there and Ned says no. Jack says Col sent him to find Badger after he discovered he was doing jobs on the side. Ned says Col wanted him to put the frighteners on Ned and gave him his knife. He said Col threatened to throw him out of the gang if he didn't do it.

Cut scene of Badger waving the jewels at Ned. Ned tells him to give them over and Ned dashes to reach them occidentally stabbing Badger with the knife in the stomach in the process. Ned runs away.

Ned says he just left Badger there. Jack arrests Ned and Phryne says it is not right but Jack tells her Ned has confessed and his prints are on the knife so she has to take him in. Paddy shouts at Phryne that he thought he could trust her because she is one of them but now Ned will be hung and its her fault and runs away

Jack takes Ned to the police station and Phryne says something is missing, what about Jimmy and surely he doesn't believe Ned did that to him. Hugh calls Jack and tells him NSW police have no match for Mary Madison but they have been trying to locate a Velma Mary Ferguson for a few years. Jack asks for the missing persons file and the locate the poster. They see she is wanted for the murder of her husband. Phryne says Mary bleaches her hair as the poster has dark hair. In the poster the woman has a mark on her cheek and Jack questions this and Phryne realises she has had the birthmark in the poster removed.

They bring Mary in for questioning. Jack tells her NSW police are on the way to extradite her for her husbands murder. Mary tells them he was a cruel man. Phryne says she could have left but she says it was self defence. Jack asks how she really came across the jewels Badger stole. She tells them Col had nothing to do with it she just pinned it on him because she never liked him. It was Badger. He took a job for her at Como and bought the stuff back to her and she paid him. She tells them this was the last time she saw Badger. Phryne ask Mary about her birth mark and she says Dr Harcourt helped her by removing it and in turn she did him a favour as she looked after his van. Phryne tells Jack they have been so blind and rushes to leave.

Back in the morgue Phryne, Jack, Dr Mac, Hugh and Dr Harcourt are looking at Badgers body. She states Ned confessed to stabbing Badger but not burying him as he was bleeding but alive when Ned left which begs a large question. She asks Mac to take another look at the wound and asks if it looks lethal. Mac says the position is odd as it would not have penetrated any major organs. Phryne asks in that case what was the cause of death and Dr Mac says something that did not leave much of a mark. Phryne asks if perhaps it was suffocation with a feather pillow and produces the duck feather found earlier. Phryne says perhaps Badger was suffocated after he was stabbed and then buried by someone more able bodied than Ned which explains how he ended up in the grave but not why. Phryne says the answer lies here and walk over to Archie. Dr Harcourt says they have established that Archie died of an accidental overdose but Phryne says not without any doubt. Phryne says before Archie died Dr Harcourt performed a number of skin grafts to try to repair the damage to Archie's face but a successful skin graft requires skin from a healthy skin from elsewhere on the patient’s body but Archie was to injured for this as his entire body was burnt. Mac tells her there is no graft site and Jack says this means the skin for the operation came from someone else. Phryne then shows them the bodies of the boys with scars and marks and says to Dr Harcourt these aren't wounds from a knife fight are they, you were using the boys as your guinea pigs. Dr Harcourt tells her he didn't have a choice as men like Archie need skin from donors and he paid the boys well and it was safe but Jimmy did not take the sulfur like he told them. Phryne says Jimmy lived on the street in filth and was only a child. He took the money but forgot about anything else. Dr Mac asks what about Badger and Phryne says yes what about Badger and asks Dr Harcourt if Badger came to him for help after he was stabbed. Dr Harcourt says Badger came to the hospital but wouldn't let him touch him. He says he tried to help but Badger started threatening him.

Cut scene of Badger knocking on the hospital door wounded. Dr Harcourt opens the door. Badger tells him to get off him and says he will tell them what Dr Harcourt did he will tell them everything. Dr Harcourt chases him down and tackles onto a desk where he grabs a pillow and suffocates Badger.. Next scene is Dr Harcourt burying his body.

Dr Harcourt says he was not going to let Badger ruin everything after all the years he spent on his work. He says to Dr Mac that she understands. He tells them that the surgery is revolutionary with donor skin and perhaps one day donor organs. He says it is a new frontier an the rewards outweigh the risks. He tells Dr Mac she said it herself one life to save many. Phryne asks him what he has done with Paddy and Dr Harcourt says he never touched him he doesn't know where he is. Phryne says it is a waste of a brilliant mind and Hugh marches Dr Harcourt away.

Later at the police station Jack tells Hugh he was very impressed with his police work on the case. He says one day Hugh will make an excellent senior constable. Hugh questions one day and Jack tells him there's no point applying for the job at city central as it has gone to the nephew of the deputy commissioner. Jack tells him if it is any consolation he is happy Hugh will be staying Hugh picks up the job application and screws it up throwing it and almost hits Dot as she enters. Dot tells him she may have been upset about missing the pictures but she will support him in whatever he wants to do. Hugh is upset but thanks her. Dot tells him he is letting her pursue her dream of working with Phryne and she should have his dream to be it a house or promotion. Hugh says dreams are for dreamers and he is more practical. Dot tells him everyone needs a dream and he says not him he is wide awake. He tells her he is busy and doesn't have time to chat. She says he doesn't look busy and asks where Jack is. Hugh gets angry and yells at her it has nothing to do with Jack he told her he is busy and Dot storms out. Hugh goes to see Jack and tells him he would like to hand in his resignation.

Later at Phryne's house Phryne enters her bedroom to find the room ransacked and the window open. She draws her pistol and creeps in and finds Paddy asleep on her chaise lounge. Paddy tells her he heard she caught the real killer and he isn't angry with her any more. Phryne says she is glad she has been forgiven. Paddy asks if he could have a go on her gun and Phryne tells him not on your nelly and to clean up the mess and come downstairs as she has a surprise for him. Downstairs Dot gives Paddy the jumper she has knitted and Paddy thanks them both. He asks Phryne how old she will be when he is 18. Jack enters bringing Ned with him. Ned tells Paddy he looks like he is off to church. Dot tells them its an idea. Paddy says its time to go but Phryne says no they are having lemonade to celebrate. Phryne asks Ned what his plans are and he says Jack told him he has a good chance of getting probation for what he did to Badger. Paddy says he is quitting the gang and looking for a job. Phryne says Mr B could put him to work if he has any trouble. Mr B whispers to her as long as they lock up the silverware and calls the boys away telling them he has a job for them. Jack tells Dot not to worry as Hugh will be back on deck in no time. Dot asks if Hugh spoke him and Jack tells her he refused to accept his resignation and told him to have a think instead as he has been under a lot of strain missing the promotion and his mother throwing him out for converting so fishing is just the ticket to clear him out. Dot is surprised by the news his mother threw Hugh out and Phryne asks Jack how long he knew. Jack says not long and tells Dot sorry he thought she knew. Mr B calls them in for cake in the dining room. Dot tells Jack it is ok it is not his fault and goes into the dining room. Phryne tells Jack she hopes he is right and Hugh comes to his senses and Jack tells her he will if he has anything to do with it. Jack says Paddy must be a satisfied customer and Phryne tells him yes Paddy just proposed to her. Jack says it takes a brave man to propose to you and Phryne agrees and say or a very foolish one. Jack tells her he found something for her when they raided Mary's health van. Phryne asks if she will be the receiver of stolen good but Jack says no more lost property and gives her a swallow brooch. He says is the owner comes forward he will send them her way. Phryne tells him they can fight her for it. Jack says so its true about your father hocking your grandmother's brooch. Phryne proposes a lemonade toast to the children they were and Jack adds to the adults they have become.

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