Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze Game Update

 Unfortunately there is still no word of the release date for Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze. Tin Man have said that the game will be released in episodes and episode one should be available soon but when soon is I don't know! They have added more info about the game on their site though including these amazing screenshots.

This is what they say about the game:
"Become Phryne Fisher, the independent, feminist super-sleuth. Players will guide the heroine on a modish dance of adventure, murderous mayhem and mystery around the world.

Armed with her golden gun and with her companion, Dot Williams, in tow, the pair chase the trail of the insidious Murdoch Foyle. Foyle has escaped the gallows once again, with Phryne on his trail. Can Miss Fisher and Dot decipher his clues and stay on his trail? Or will they be tricked into pursuing a false lead, causing the trail to run cold?"

An all-new adventure set both in Australia and foreign lands that sends Phryne overseas!
Beautiful full-colour illustrations bring the Miss Fisher world to life!
Play as the intrepid Phryne Fisher, her clever companion Dot Williams, and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.
Uncover clues, interrogate suspects and solve murders as you chase after Murdoch Foyle.

Featuring music from the show composed by Greg J Walker.

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