Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze - Ep 1 Review

Warning contains plot spoilers!

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze game was released on Wednesday and now that I have had a chance to play it I thought I would post my review.

The game sees you on the hunt for Murdock Foyle after he fakes his own hanging with help from a prison guard and escapes.
In the first chapter Phryne is attending an opera with Jack and Aunt Prudence when one of the performers is murdered on stage (... of Ruddygore methinks!) You must talk to suspects and witnesses, collect clue and make deductions. Along the way there are also costume pieces hidden for Phryne to find.
 There is also the option to chose your outfit from your wardrobe and I am assuming that once you have collected all the pieces for a complete outfit these too will be added to your wardrobe.
The end of the chapter sees Phryne and Dot set of to Broome to follow on Foyle's trail and we witness a sneak peak of the next chapter where the planes engine fails and it begins to go down.

The sexual tension between Phryne and Jack which was ever present in the TV series is also present in the game as is the on going struggle between Hugh and Dot as to whether she should be working now they are married.

While the game is entertaining and well written and Phryne has some great one liners it is very much a linear storybook and you cannot proceed in the story without finding the clues needed or making deductions required and there is little skill involved other than making sure you have clicked on everything, said everything and tried to match every clue to make a deduction. You have no say over who you think was the murderer or how to proceed. In this sense I was a little disappointed with the game as I would like to have seen a game in which there were different outcomes depending on your decisions. I also thought that the $4.49 price tag was a little steep considering the first chapter took me under an hour to complete and as yet there is no word as to when the next chapter will be released and whether you will be charged for subsequent chapters.

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