Phryne's Friends - Ruth

Phryne meets Ruth when she found Jane lost and mesmerised, a stray in Murder on the Ballarat Train. Efforts to find out who she was led to Bert and Cec also rescuing Ruth from domestic slavery. Phryne adopts both girls.

Ruth's character only appears briefly in the TV series and is played by Lara Robinson. We see her in the Murder on the Ballarat Train episode as one of the mesmerised girls at the boarding house where Burt is staying to find out about 'The Great Hypno' who is running a scam where he is hypnotising people while the girls pickpocket them.

Ruth tells Burt that she has a Grandmother somewhere and Phryne reunites her with her Grandmother at the end of the episode.

Ruth is a keen cook as she still remembers what it is like to be hungry. She loves helping Mrs Butler out in the kitchen. She is also a avid reader of romance novels.

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