Food in Cocaine Blue - The Celebration Lunch at the Windsor

To celebrate reaching the end of my posts about Cocaine Blues I have decided to recreate the celebration lunch enjoyed by the whole group at the Windsor after Phryne cracks the case. Although my dinning room is not as fancy as that at the Windsor I will endeavor to recreate the meal to the best of my culinary abilities!

On the menu:
Soup - the type of soup is not stated so I have gone for a simple beef bouillon 
Chicken Ragout
Veal - again it is not stated how the veal is cooked or what accompanies it so I have pan fried the veal with a selection of vegetables
Ices - by this I assume that they mean sorbet
Cheese - I have prepared a cheese board
Tea and Coffee
Verve Clicqout

In order to recreate the ambiance of the Windsor's dining room I have taken inspiration from this photo. The photo is of a modern day hotel Windsor dining room but the style has a classic elegance that I am sure hasn't changed much since the 1920's:
My dinning table is not in the least bit as fancy as that Windsor's dining room but here is what I came up with:
And now to the food itself:

 Beef bouillon soup

Chicken ragout

Pan fried veal with baby potatoes and baby spinach

Lemon sorbet

Cheese board

And now that Cocaine Blues is finished on to the second book in the series - Flying too High

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