Book 2: Flying too High Synopsis

Warning: contains spoilers!
Flying too High starts with the kidnap of Candida Alice Maldon a young girl who is kidnapped on her way home from the sweet shop.  At the same time out heroine Phryne Fisher is having a spot of tea at the Traveller's Club with Mrs William McNaughton, a pale and drooping women who hires Phryne to deal with her son, Bill as she is worried that he will murder her husband due to a letter she found in the grate that states 'If pater doesn't come to the party it will all be up. Might have to remove him'. Mrs McNaugton thinks this may be due to the fact that her husband won't back her sons venture to fly to the South Pole.

Phryne heads back to her hotel to change into her flying gear and picks up her maid Dot. They then head to Bill McNaughton's flying school at Essendon where Phryne meets Jack Leonard and Bill McNaughton. Phryne takes a tiger moth for a flight and impresses Bill with her flying ability she then does a spot of wing walking!

Back on land, Phryne, Jack and Bill go to the mess for a drink. Phryne tells Bill about the tea with his mother and asks him not to kill his father. Bill loses his temper. Phryne calms him down and suggest that Bill and his father conduct their arguments out of earshot of anyone else, especially his mother whose nerves can't take it. Bill says that his sister used to say the same thing but what would she know as she is potty and ran away with an artist. Phryne and Dot head back to town.

Meanwhile Molly Maldon realises Candida is missing. Henry Maldon realising that she has been missing for about an hour  panics and they begin to search the house. Just a while later the doorbell rings. Molly opens it hoping it is Candida but it is Jack Leonard. Jack offers to go out to look for Candida and Henry goes with him. Jack tells Henry about Phryne's flying and her wing walking stunt but Henry is not listening as he is worried about Candida.

Chapter 2:
Phryne and Dot head to Phrynes new house. They meet the house keepers Mr and Mrs Butler. They have tea with the Butlers, tell them they will move in at 11am the next day and go to see Dot's room. Dot decides to stay the night at the house and Phryne heads back to the Windsor to have dinner with Bunji Ross. They talk about Phryne's flying stunt and Bill McNaughton. Bunji asks to borrow a dress from Phryne for an upcoming ball and Phryne reluctantly agrees as Bunji is prone to ruining dresses. Bunji tells Phryne about Bill's sister Amelia the artist. Bunji says that Bill is very unappreciative of her art and calls it rubbish. Phryne depressed goes to bed.

Chapter 3:
That night Dot and the Butlers are taking tea together. The Butlers ask Dot about Phryne. Dot is diplomatic and doesn't mention the string of lovers. The next morning Dot returns to the hotel to help Phryne pack. Cec and Burt arrive and pile Phryne's belongings into their and they all head to the house. Mrs Butler makes them all tea and Burt shows Phryne the paper which has printed news of her flying escapades.

Phryne notices an article stating the William McNaughton had been found dead from a head injury. There is also news of Henry Maldon's Irish lottery win. Phryne and Dot finish her unpacking and stop for lunch. Phryne decides to ring Mrs McNaughton but before she has a chance to do so her doorbell rings and Mrs McNaughton is at the door. She says the have arrested Bill for the murder and faints.  Phryne checks through Mrs McNaugton's belongings and finds love letters from a man named Gerald. She asks Mr B to call a doctor.

Dr Fielding arrives and looks after Mrs McNaughton she revives and tells Phryne how she went out to call in the dog and saw her husband in a puddle of his own blood. Mr B calls Mrs McNaughton's household and reaches her daughter Amelia who says she will come to collect her mother. Dr Fielding attempts to leave but Phryne asks him to wait until  Amelia arrives.

Jack and Henry return home with no sighting of Candida. Molly remembering that Candida wanted to go to the sweet shop races down there and asks the shopkeeper if he has seen Candida. The shopkeeper says yes and that he saw her get into a car with a man who said he was her dad and a woman. Molly asks what kid of car but the shopkeeper says he doesnt know but to come back at 3.30 to ask his son Jimmy as he would know. When Molly leaves the shop she notices bags of sweets dropped in the gutter. Molly heads home and tells Henry to call the police but he says they must wait for a ransom note.

Chapter 4:
Amelia McNaughton arrives at Phryne's house to collect her mother. Phryne asks Amelia about her father and confides that her father wanted to marry her off but that she is already seeing a sculptor name Paolo Raguzzi  and they are intending to marry.

Phryne leaves with Amelia, the unconscious Mrs McNaughton to return to their house and investigate the crime scene. Amelia and the gardener convey Mrs McNaughton to her room and Phryne notes how bare it is. Amelia tells her that this is the room her father allowed her mother after she stopped sleeping with him. Amelia confides that Mr McNaughton used to hit her mother and her also but he stopped when Amelia threatened to tell someone as it would have caused a scandal but she left for art school anyway. Phryne admires Amelia's art and Amelia tells her that her brother did not think the same way and that he could not have killed their father as he was the type to boast about it not run away. She also confides that her father used to rape her if her mother wouldn’t have sex with him. She says she is lucky to have Paolo who is patient with her.

Phryne and Amelia retire to the sitting room and Amelia brings Phryne her portfolio of paintings. Phryne is impressed and purchases a bundle including one of a cat, the painting of a gypsy moth and one of a group of children. She asks Amelia is she likes children and Amelia tells her yes and she would like to have lots with Paolo. Phryne asks why the haven’t married already and Amelia said she wasn’t sure yet.

Phryne commissions a painting of a a male nude to match the one of her entitled 'la source' and then they discuss bailing Bill. Phryne also asks for Paolo's address as she wants to talk to him. They are interrupted by the maid who tells them that the policeman is back.

Meanwhile it is half past three and Molly and Henry return to the sweet shop to question Jimmy about the car. He says it was a 1926 Bentley in a bad state of polish with leather upholstery. He gives the beginning of the number plate as KG12.

Chapter 5:
Phryne introduces herself to the policeman D.I. Benton and tells him she is investigating the case for the family but the policeman is dismissive of her.  Phryne charms him and he allows her to come along on his investigation of the murder scene. Amelia asks the policeman if he thinks Bill is guilty and the policeman tells her that Bill said he wanted to speak to his father so he was going to drive him to the aerodrome so not to distress his mother but he waited until 4 and his father did not return so he took a walk in the park. The only people that he saw were a tramp carrying a sack and a young girl in a bathing suit. Phryne asked if they had been found yet and the policeman says not yet but he doesn’t suspect they will as he believes Bill made them up and he had killed his father.

Phryne goes with the policeman to the crime scene. Phryne notes a puddle of blood and grey matter from a head wound that resulted from a very heavy blow. The policeman says it was from a big rock as it had blood and brains all over it He says as the rock was heavy it could only be lifted by a man. Phryne asks where the rock could have come from as there are no gaps in the flower bed but the policeman is at a loss for an answer.  Phryne notices a scar on the branch of a large oak tree where something would have been hanging. But the policeman states it was a tyre swing for the children Amelia lets play in the garden. He says they took the tyre away but there was no blood on it. Phryne asks why Bill would have no blood on him and the policeman states he would have struck the blow from behind.

Phryne leaves to find a lawyer for Bill but before she goes she asks Amelia about the children who play in the garden. Amelia says they used to come on Sunday when her father was out but he came back early and threw them out last time and they haven’t been back since the murder. Phryne suggests Amelia invite them this coming Sunday and Amelia says she will throw a party.

Phryne says Bill will be in court tomorrow and Amelia should bring some money but then Amelia realises she doesn’t have any money. Phryne asks where her fathers bank books are. They check the safe and find Mrs McNaughton’s sapphires that Mr McNaughton said he had sold, pearls and emerald and an enamel of a mermaid and two thousand in notes which Phryne says should be enough for Bill's bail and pay the estates wages. There are also documents in the safe from a private detective hired to follow Mrs McNaughton and Paolo Raguzzi. Phryne also sees that in the will Mrs McNaughton and Amelia do not get their share if they marry. Amelia says she knows what it says but she is owed money from her granny so is not worried. Phryne asks if Paolo knew about Mr McNaughton's will and Amelia said yes. Phryne then leaves in a taxi and heads to Jilly Henderson's office. Phryne hires Jilly to defend Bill she then heads to Paolo's studio.

Chapter 6:
Phryne arrives at the studio of Paolo Raguzzi just as a model is rushing out. She mistakes Phryne for another model as does Paolo who instructs Phryne do strip and places her in the pose ready to sculpt igniting passion in her at the same time. Once the sculpture is finished Paolo and Phryne fall into bed together. After their tryst Phryne reveals who she really is and invites Paolo out to dinner to ask him some more questions about the case. Paolo tells Phryne he would not risk losing Amelia by killing her father.

The head to the Cafe Royale for dinner. Phryne asked Paolo why he came to Australia as it was not renowned for its art. Paolo tells her he grew up in Florence and worked for his father who made a lot of money from making cement but he was not content and his father told him he see his face again unless Paolo gave up art. Paolo's mother gave him some money and told him leave Italy and create beautiful things. Paolo says he met an Australian crew at the docks and sailed with them as a stablemate looking after a very highly strung stallion named Dark  Day. Paolo says he met Amelia at an artists party and was immediately drawn to her but she was shy and withdrawn due to her maltreatment. He says he wants to marry Amelia and they will have a lot of children.

Phyrne asks Paolo if he knows who would want to kill Mr McNaughton and Paolo says there are many candidates. Paolo says he want to go to comfort Amelia but Bill does not like him but Phryne assures him she will deal with Bill. At that moment Phyrne's old friend Isola bursts in and they converse. After dinner Phryne returns home promising she will see Paolo at the McNaughton house in the morning.

Meanwhile the Maldon household still had no word of Candida but the phone rang and the caller informs Henry they have Candida and will call back in the morning with instructions for the ransom.

Chapter 7:
The next morning Bill is in court for his bail hearing. Phryne and Jilly there all there. Phyrne bumps into D.I. Benton who asks her how her detecting is going and says he will let her see the murder weapon and the coroner report but not the body. The case starts and the judge agrees to bail Bill. Phryne and Jilly go to collect Bill and pay bail. Bill shaking and subdued collects his belongs and they all go for a drink.

Phryne introduces Bill to Jilly and Bill says he didn't kill his father. Phryne says she knows and will find the killer. Jilly leaves and Bill says he is so happy to be out of prison he will send Jilly some flowers. Phryne tells him to drink up but before they leave she must tell him a few things firstly that Amelia is a good artist and he should respect that more and secondly that Paolo will be at the house and Bill should be nicer to him. Bill agrees and they return to the house.
Phryne then asks for descriptions of the two people that passed him on the footpath. Bill tells her about the old man and the girl in the bathing suit. After this Phryne put Bill in a taxi and head to the police station to see D.I. Benton.

At the police station Phryne views the murder weapon. Phryne asks if there was anything on it other than the blood and grey matter. The detective says a clover burr, a few hemp strands, some leaves and a bit of bubblegum were stuck to it. She then reads through the coroners report and deduces that the rock hit the top of Mr McNaughton's head and not the back. She asks if the witnesses have been found yet but the detective says no. Phryne leaves and drops a note to Bert and Cec's boarding house and then returns home for a bath and a nap.

Back in the Maldon household they have still not received a message about the ransom. Jack says they should get Phryne to investigate and Henry and Molly agree so Jack rings her.

When Phryne awakes she receives the message about the call from Jack and phones back arranging to be there at 4. Dot overhears the conversation and asks Phryne what will happen to Bills case if she takes on a second case. Phryne says she know what happened to Mr McNaughton but just needs some help from Cec and Burt to help complete investigations. Phryne then goes with Dot to the Maldon household and finds out about Candida's kidnapping.

Meanwhile Candida awake from a hazy sleep and is sick over her captors lap. She take stock of her situation and sees she is in the car with her captor and another man driving the stop at a house and carry her out of the car.

Bert receives Phryne's note asking them to track down the two witnesses that saw Bill on the footpath and to search around the McNaughton house for a hemp rope about 5ft long with blood on it and to find the local kids and ask them what games they had been playing the week of the murder.  She also asks for the illustrated papers from the last few weeks and for them to scourer the area to find a place where guttering is being replaced.

Back at the Maldon house mail is delivered with the ransom note. Henry opens it carefully and its says to leave 5 thousand in the hollow tree stump at Geelong Gardens that night. Phryne tells him to produce the money and they will get cracking but Henry says they have already spent all the money on the houses and the plane.

Candida meanwhile has been washed and changed and fed bread and milk. She is wary of her captor Sidney and the woman at the house Ann but likes the driver Mike.  Candida laughs with mike about his spider tattoo until Ann snatches her up to go to bed. Candida throws a tantrum and says she cannot go to bed without her asthma medication and her teddy and begins to have an asthma attack. Ann rushes out to the nearest chemist to get some medication while Sidney and Mike discus the plan for collection of the ransom. Ann returns with the medicine and quickly gives it to Candia who returns to normal.

Chapter 8:
Phryne heads to see Detective Jack Robinson and asks him to get the fingerprints of the ransom note and look up the car number plate. She says she will give them the solution to the McNaughton murder if he does and the gang of kidnappers wrapped in brown paper. Jack agrees and tells Phryne to give him an hour and she can go and see WPC Jones in the meantime. Phryne and WPC Jones go out for coffee and when she returns to the police station Jack has left her a note stating there are four sets of prints of the letter, 3 unknown and one of Sidney Brayshaw a child molester. He also says the Bentley belongs to Anthony Michael Herbert and gives her the address.

Phryne heads to the address which turns out to be a boarding house and asks the owner about Mike but she says he and his wife have been gone for two days on a holiday down the coast with another man, Sid. Phryne asks for the address but the landlady says she doesn't know where they are but they mentioned Queenscliff. Phryne asks to see their room but finds nothing of interest except the cutting of the newspaper article about the Maldon's lottery win.

Meanwhile Cec and Burt head to Kew police station to find their witnesses. They ask to see the log for Friday and the policeman on duty says it was a quiet day just one lady coming in in her bathers to report the theft of her clothes by the old Undertaker. The ask about the undertaker but find out her is dead and then ask about the girl and the policeman gives them her address. They then head to the girls house but she is not home so they go in seach of the other items on the list. Cec finds the rope on a pile of kerbstones.

Candida has finally gone to sleep with Mike sleeping next to her to protect her. Seeing that Mike is asleep Sidney discusses killing him with Ann as then they only have to split the money 50/50. Ann agrees thinking that she could then kill Sidney and keep the money to herself. Sidney and Ann then head off to collect the ransom.

Chapter 9:
Phryne gets dressed for that nights adventures then talks to Dot about the plans. Dot told her that Mr Leonard rang with no news and Amelia is having her children's party on Friday.  Phryne asks Dot to get Detective Robinson on the phone and tells him to tells the Queenscliff police that the arrest of a notorious criminal will be made that night and they should let her direct it. Jack agrees. Phryne decides that the only way to find out where Candida is being held is to go home with the pickup man. Phryne gets her pistol and supplies together and ties a long light rope around her waist and her flying goggles.

That afternoon Phryne sets of for the Maldon household and when Jack answer the door she asks how everyone is. Jack tells her Molly and Henry have been arguing about going to the police. Phryne tells him it is not necessary as she has a plan. Phryne asks Jack if he can lay his hands on a plane but he tells her the only person that has one that they can ask is Bill. Phryne tells Jack to call Bill and get the plane for that night.

Phryne goes into the parlour to find Henry and Molly and finds the place a mess. She tells them it buck up as they will have Candida back by the morning and whisks them into action clearing the house and airing it and getting a good meal. Then sends Molly and Henry on a walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Jack comes back to tell her they can use the plane and asks where they are taking it. Phryne says she doesn't know but it is a way so they need a full tank of fuel. Phryne asks Dot to call Bunji to ask if she can fly and tells Jack not be offended as she needs him to drive her car. Dot makes the call and tells them Bunji is happy to help.  Phryne goes into the kitchen and bucks up the maid and cook and gets them cleaning and cooking again. She then tells Jack that she needs him and Bill to hook up a car headlamp to the plane to illumitate the ground but Jack tells her it wont be strong enough unless she is intending to fly at 20 feet. Phryne tells him it doesn't have to reveal anything just shine on the road. She tells Jack to go now and gives him some money. Phryne says Bunji will be there and to ensure that Bill doesn't fight with her as she intends on solving his murder case on Friday.

When Molly and Henry return Phryne asks then for a tour of their house which she realises must be quite new as they haven't completely unpacked yet. Phryne sends Dot to help Molly unpack and keep her occupied. Phryne asks Molly for something she can give Candida to prove she is trustworthy. Molly gives her Candida's teddy.
Phryne then calls home and Mrs Butler tells her they have the paint she ordered and Cec and Burt are there with a bunch of papers. Phryne asks Mrs Butler to send them over and if they found the rope. Mrs Butler puts Burt on the phone and he tells Phryne they got the rope. He says that they found it in a pile of kerbstones and it has blood on it. Burt says there were lots of little children's trinkets under the stones. Burt also tells her that the girl chasing the old man up the path where they saw Bill was chasing him because he stole her clothes.

Burt and Cec arrive at the Maldon's an hour later. Phryne waves them in and tells them she is cutting up newspaper into five thousands pounds worth of notes. Phryne introduces them to Henry and Burt tells him about the policeman.  They pack the notes into a cloth bag and Burt invites Henry to come down the pub while they wait to put the plan into action that evening.

Phryne overhears a conversation in the kitchen between the cook and the man delivering eggs. The cook complains about the eggs and the egg man tells her he couldn't have got there fast as all the road is being dug up. She then picks up the paper and reads an article about how recent discoveries in Luxor have sent the empire made about Egypt.

Chapter 10:
Once it got dark Phryne, Jack Leonard, Dot and Molly hopped into Phryne's car along with a picnic basket, a flask of whiskey and Candida's bear. They head down the Geelong road and Phryne hopes that her escapades go to plan after fighting with Jack about who will carry out the plan.

Dot talks to Molly about their previous case to soothe Molly's nerves. Phryne asks Jack what he thought of Bunji and Jack says he liked her and she is a fabulous flyer but her and Bill argued all day.

The carry on along the Geelong road and Phryne hears a strange sound that sounds like hooves. All of a sudden Dot shouts for them to slow down just as a herd of sheep circle the car. Molly asks where they are and Phryne tells her about half way and to look out for Bunji and Henry in the plane.

After a while Jack spots the plane and Phryne pulls the car off the road and stops in a paddock. Phryne meets Bunji who asks about the flying terrain. Phryne tells her to follow the road. Phryne then tests out her plan by dripping a small spot of paint on the road then continued on quarter of a mile dripping spot of paint along the road. Bunji circled the plane overhead spotting the luminous paint and following the trail.

Phryne lets Jack take the wheel and they soon arrive at the park. Phryne tells Jack to pull up behind two big elm trees. She tells Jack to hang around looking bored and then to go drop the 'money' at the drop off point and come straight back get in the car and drive back to the road. Then she slips off into the darkness dressed all in black.

Phryne snuck off to the rotunda which is the drop of point and sees a man sitting there waiting and smoking a cigarette. Molly drops of the ransom and the man (Sid) gets up to pick up the bag gets the bag and heads back to their car. Phryne follows him being careful not to be seen and jumps on the rumble seat of the car lashing herself on with the rope before they drive off.

With Candida's bear safely with her Phryne drips paint on the road from the bladder of paint so the plane can follow the trail. After a while Phryne heard the plane's engine and realised the plan was working. Phryne struggles along further clinging to the back of the car.

In the plane Bunji is flying expertly whilst Henry watches out for Phryne trail and directs Bunji on which way to go. Meanwhile Jack is following the plane in Phryne's car.        

Chapter 11:
Meanwhile back in Melbourne Burt and Cec had tracked down the street repairs and found the bluestone stacked neatly by the side of the road. Burt and Cec see a group of kids with a cat. Cec tells the kids to pass them a piece of bandage from a pile that are on the floor and bandages the cats injured paw then they ask the kids for information. The kids tells them that they weren't going to hurt the cat they just wanted to cut its claws to stop it scratching but they didn't realise they would bleed.

Cec asks if they are the kids that play at McNaughton's and they say yes. The kids agree to give Cec and Burt information if they give them lollies and fix things with the owner of the cat. Cec goes to return the cat to the owner Mrs Ellis and tells her that the kids found the cat with the hurt paw and bandaged it themselves.

Cec returns to Burt and the kids and Burt tells the kids about Bill McNaughton being accused of his fathers murder. He then reminded the kids that they were going to Miss McNaughton's party on Friday and asks if they could go and eat her food and drinks without helping her. The kids confer and tell Bert what they know.

The car Phryne is tied to arrives at its destination and Phryne unties herself falling into the road. Sid and Ann go into the house without noticing her. Phryne takes the paint bladder and draws a big X on the road.

Sidney draws his gun as he enters the house but Mike hears the door go and wakes up. He tells Sid that he thought Sid would try to kill him. Ann is angry at Sid as he said he would take her too. Mike lunges at Ann but Sidney shoots her straight through the heart. Sid then aims at Candida but Mike pushes her out of the door and tells her to run.

Mike scraps with Sid as Phryne enters the house. She tells Mike to hold up Sids gun hand and shoots him through the hand. Sid drops the gun and Mike ties him up then Mike and Phryne go to find Candida. They call for Candida and Mike tells her 'the lady brought bear'. Candida calls back that she doesn't believe them and asks them to put bear on the step. Phryne does and Candida reaches out from the bushes and grabs bear. Phryne tells Candida that her Mummy and Daddy are on the way and tells her to wait at the car.

Phryne then goes back inside and talks to Mike. She asks him who he is and Mike tells her he went along with the plan for Ann. Mike goes to see Ann who he finds is dead and Phryne bandages up Sid so he doesn't bleed out before the police come.  Phryne patches Mike up and gives him some money and tells him to run as he did save Candida.

Meanwhile Bunji is circling in the plane over the house and Henry decides to jump out. Candida who is waiting on the back of the car sees him parachute out and realising it is her Daddy runs to hug him.

Chapter 12:
Mike gets ready to run but asks Phryne what she will do about Sid as he is bound to tell the police about Mike. Phryne tells him she will deal with it and Mike leaves. Candida sees Mike leaving and goes to say goodbye.

Phryne tells Henry and Candida to get off the highway so they don't get run over by rescuers. Phryne then goes to talk to Sid and asks him if he will keep his mouth shut. Sid asks why he should as he will swing for the kidnap and Phryne tells him she will grant his last wish. Sid asks Phryne to smuggle him a young girl and Phryne thinks of her friend Klara who was a prostitute who looked like a prepubescent girl and agrees. Phryne then goes to see Ann who is definitely dead and removes any evidence that Mike was at the scene and then goes outside with Henry and Candida to wait for the car.

The car soon arrives and Molly runs to Candida. Candida lays across Molly's knee and tells her she wants her spanking then she wants her lollies. Molly laughs and obliges half heartedly and then they all pile back in the car to head for the Queenscliff Hotel. Phryne gets 3 rooms,one with a bath and breakfasts and orders brown paper and string with which she ties up Sid. She then took Sid to the local police station and left him with the desk sergeant. The desk sergeant asks what it is about and Phryne tells him to read the label which reads “For Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, Russell Street, Melbourne. A present from Prhyne Fisher.

Phryne tells the sergeant who Sid is and asks him to get Sid a doctor as he has to live to hang. Phryne then asks him if he would drive her back to her hotel and so he does and Phryne arrives asleep against the policeman.

Jack asks to see the policeman and tells him that Ann is dead in the house and Sidney killed her and that they will be at the station after lunch to tell all.

Dot headed to the drapers shop to get new clothes for everybody. Dot picked the items and the draper priced it up and had them sent to the hotel. Dot arrives back at the hotel just in time for breakfast. She goes to check on Phryne and finds her half awake. Phryne asks where they are Dot tells her and tells Phryne to wash her face and come down for breakfast.  The group all have a large breakfast and then Phryne goes for a bath and then goes to bed. The rest of the group also head of for bed.

Phryne wakes at 2pm and goes down to find the rest of the group. The desk clerk tells her they have gone for a walk on the shore as Candida insisted. Phryne finds Jack making a sand plane for Candida. Henry thanks Phryne and asks her who Mike is that Candida keeps talking about. Phryne tells him about Mike and Henry is thankful Mike saved Candida. Phryne tells Henry that Candida might have nightmares but she didn’t suffer too badly. She didn't see Ann die and Sidney did not lay a hand on her.

Later that day the group meet for an extravagant dinner at the hotel. Phryne raises a toast to Candida and Candida thanks them all especially Phryne who she gives a big hug.

Chapter 13:
Phryne returned to Melbourne and spent Thursday afternoon cleaning her car with Mr Butler. Phryne then went to find Klara who she located in a St Kilda cafe. Phryne tells Klara about the job she has for her. Klara tells Phryne she will do it and ask Phryne for the money to square the guards.

That night Phryne gets ready for her dinner with Dr Fielding. Dr Fielding arrives and Phryne and him enjoy their dinner followed by liqueurs in Phryne's parlour. Phryne then seduces Dr Fielding and they go to bed together.

The next day is the day of the party. Phryne had asked D.I. Benton and Jillian to attend. Cec and Burt advised Phryne that they had concluded their investigation and just needed to talk to Miss Wilson so Phryne decides to telephone her.

Miss Wilson tells Phryne that the old man had stolen her clothes. Phryne asks her if she passed anyone on the path and Miss Wilsons says she passed Bill McNaughton. Phryne explains about Bill being charged with the murder and asks Miss Wilson to attend the party and she agrees.
Phryne and Dot arrive at the party and are greeted by the maid Mabel. Phryne asks her how things have been and Mabel tells her much better. Bill has stayed calm and Paolo is a nice man.
They go out to the conservatory where Paolo is playing piano. Mrs McNaughton is there looking very happy with Gerald.

When everyone is gathered and the children have finished playing musical chairs Phryne tells them they are going to play a new game called murder. Phryne leads everyone to the tennis court then she asks D.I. Benton what the questions were she had asked him when she stood on the spot a week before. D.I Benton remembers she asked where the rock came from and why the deceased was on the tennis court in street shoes.

Phryne asks Bert to tell them where the rock came from and Bert tells them it is one of the old kerb stones from Paris St and that they had been stacked for a while because they had clover growing on them. Phryne then asks D.I Benton what he found on the rock and he tells her clover, chewing gum and grass.

Phryne says she thought whoever bought the stone might have been playing a game and asks the children what game they have been playing since the discoveries at Luxor. The children tell her they play pyramids.

Phryne then asks Cec to take them to where he found the rope and he leads them to a pile of kerb stones with a cache of Pharaohs treasures. Phryne then asks Bert to tell them what the children were doing when he saw them the day before and Bert says they were trying to wrap the cat like a mummy.

Phryne asks the children to tell them what they were playing when Mr McNaughton caught them and they said they were playing pyramids using the tree and the rope to haul up the stones. Mr McNaughton had seen them and come down to shoo them away and the children were so terrified they dropped the rope which meant the stone fell right on Mr McNaughton’s head.

Amelia then admits she found her father dead after her brother had stormed off so got rid of the rock and the rope to hid the evidence. Phryne says she has Miss Wilson as a witness to say Bill had gone for a walk. Bill asks if any charges will be laid against his sister or the kids and D.I Benton says no.

Paolo announces that he and Amelia will be married and invites everyone to the wedding. Paolo says as Amelia will get no money from the estate no aspersions will be cast but Jillian says both Amelia and her mother will get money as the clause in the will that stopped them was invalid. The party all go to lunch happy!

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