Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition at Old Government House, Parramatta

Over the weekend the Hubby and I went to check out the . The exhibition was held at Old Government House, Parramatta and the elegant venue certainly created a beautiful backdrop for the stunning costumes on show.

There were over 40 outfits on show and Sydneysiders were treated to the added extra of seeing outfits worn during the Christmas episode on display. These weren't displayed when the exhibition was on in Melbourne as they were still being used to film the episode.
In the entrance to the house we were greeted with these stunning shawl as well as this beautiful ensemble. The white (faux) fur wrap was worn by Phryne in Death at the Victoria Docks. The dress was the one that Phryne was wearing when she was singing 'Lets Misbehave' with Jack in Dead Air. Just looking at this one item you can see the hours of work and the meticulous detailing that goes into each piece.
The first room we wandered into contained an array of hats from the series. The hubby and I had trouble picking favourites although I think mine is the red one in the centre of the top right photo or perhaps the blue one with the tassel in the bottom right. Each item was careful labeled with information about the item and the episode it appeared in.
My absolute favourite room of the exhibition was the one contain the outfits worn in the Christmas episode - Murder Under the Mistletoe. The room was so beautifully decked out to create a Christmas environment and the fatal pear Christmas tree lights were even hung on the wall.
The upstairs nursery contained outfits worn by Jane in the show including the absolutely stunning travelling hat and coat (laid on the bed) that she wore in the Christmas episode.
The last room of the exhibition (the kitchen) contained outfits from other cast members including Dot and Mrs Butler's dressing gowns, an ensemble belonging to Jack and a dark outfit of Phryne's. There was also the body of a poor headless woman (most likely a prostitute) in this rather garish (but beautifully made) black dress with chartreuse detailing.

As for the exhibition overall well I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these outfits in the flesh as it is a fantastic opportunity to really see the work and exquisite detailing that goes into each piece. My photos definitely don't do them justice. The items are beautifully displayed and I think any fan of the show or lover of 1920's costumes will adore this exhibition. I implore you to go see it and leave you with more photos of the exhibits:
The Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition is on at Old Government House, Parramatta until June 1st 2014. Tickets are available here:
Adults $16
Concession $13
Family $38 (2 adults & 2 children)
Groups (of 10-50 people) $13 per person
Discounts available for National Trust members


  1. Thank you for sharing pics of the exhibit. I just recently became aware of the WONDERFUL world of the Hon. Miss Phryne Fisher, but I live in the United States. Beautiful costumes!!! I've only been able to watch the first season, so far. Second season should be available to us in May. Started reading the books, too. Soooo much fun!!! :)

  2. Glad to share this post! I love the TV series and the second season is worth the wait. The books are also fabulous. I will continue to work my way through the books writing synopsis and various related posts (although it will probably take me a while!). I will also go back and write synopsis for the TV episodes from the first series so please keep reading for lots more Phryne posts! x

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos. I wanted to go and see the exhibition very much but the pre booking tickets are apparently sold out and the chances of getting a ticket at the door are slim. Can't afford it anyway (sigh).

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos! I live in Western Canada, and was able to see season 2 of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. I particularly like her hats! Sears has had some lovely cloche hats for sale in its stores, and I have three cloches in wool felt, and was lucky to find a straw cloche in a dear little hat shop! I would love to have one like the velvet hat with the tassel on the side! I have been reading the books, as well, and wish they were illustrated! Ms Greenwood does a good job describing Phryne's outfits, but I want pictures! Don't you feel the same? I really wish our TV provider would re-run the first season of the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, as I didn't get to see it! Sure hope there will be a third season! Again, thanks so much for sharing your photos!

  5. Wow lucky you!! Its $40 to see the exhibition in Brisbane so Im going to the free lawn party which should be fab.... Im very excited!!

  6. I'm hoping to go to the lawn party too but I'll probably pay to go into the exhibit while I'm there. Tickets are $21.50