Phryne's Outfits in Flying too High

The following outfits appear in Flying too High:

Beige dress of mannish cut, dusty pink cloche, taupe shoes

Leather flying jacket, helmet, breaches, boots, jersey - Phryne's flying outfit
I'd imagine that Phryne's flying garb would be similar to Amelia Earhart's one in the picture although perhaps every so slightly more stylish! 

Red coat with astrakhan collar , black felt hat, Russian leather boots

Black trousers boots and cloche loose black wool jacket - Phryne's action outfit for when she is tied to the back of the car 

Black skirt, white dolman sleeve blouse, red jersey top, black driving hat - Phryne's outfit purchased by Dot in Queenscliff. 

Black velvet Erte dress with lapin cuffs and collar 6 inch band of fur on hem, Russian boots - Phryne's outfit for dinner with Dr Fielding

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