Food in Flying too High - Candida's Lollies

In the beginning of Flying too High Candida is snatched after visiting the sweet shop to get herself some lollies.

Candida chooses honeybears, coffee buds, mint-leaves, silver sticks, umbrellas and bananas so I thought I would try some of these Australian classics for myself.

Unfortunately I could not find any information about silver sticks so have no idea what they are. I seem to recall someone telling me they are orange flavour lollipops with silver sticks (thus the name) but I may be wrong.
As for umbrella lollipops the only place I could find them for sale is All Sweets and Treats but their handling fees for just one item are somewhat high so I won't be trying this particular lolly. I also couldn't get coffee  'buds' but did get some coffee beans.

So with the absence of a few items here is what Candida's lolly bag would look like:

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